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Good Book Recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend any good books on getting back together? I have read How to get your lover back, and I ordered No more mr. nice guy, and I am trying to read everything I can, not so much for the info, because I know most of what is said, but it just makes me feel better. They don't even have to be directly about getting back together, but also about anything related to the topic. Thanks.

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I wouldn't classify this book as a book on how to get your ex back, but it is probably the best book I've ever read along those lines.


This book is more about getting yourself back and it's a real eye opener in terms of what you may have done to cause the split. More importantly, helps you to realize where you need to improve your life.


With any luck, changing yourself for the better, and hopefully that better change will re-inspire your ex...


Anyway, the book is "Bonds That Make Us Free" by C. Terry Warner


I read the whole thing over one weekend, and trust me, it really changed my life and my perception of myself and my relationship(s).

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Theres a book called "Getting back together". It doesnt tell you how to win someone over again, it just talks about how to make the best of your second chance with someone.


I also read How to get your lover back. Its sweet, its cute and I WANTED to believe it a few months back. But I honestly think that its complete bs and even a little bit dangerous.


The book that Im reading now has nothing to do with getting back together or relationships at all but I still think its a really good read for anyone who's heart is broken. Its called "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire" by Deepak Chopra. Its very spiritual so if youre not into that sorta thing it might not be your cup of tea.


After looking for 7 months for all kinds of literature on this subject I personally have decided that this forum is the only thing Ive found so far that helps.


Someone really should write a book about this though. Superdave??

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