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trying to reverse whos at fault?

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in line of my relationship with my gf at another thread below....:



just hours ago, she logged in to play an online game.when i saw the login name she used, it was name of her baby & the father's name, then she noticed me and she knew i felt weird,maybe jelous of it. she stopped playing came to me and ask if i was mad.. i calmly said no, and act normaly as if "it ddint hurt me inside". after a while, she came to me again, kissed me in the lips and said "ill kiss you ahead before ill go home." a friend of mine was there and was asking me for about an hour already that we go and eat. of course the reason i ddnt leave because i wanted that my gf be fetched before i leave her. but she said already to me awhile back i should go,but i ddint go right then. after awhile i feel that its just a few seconds before she will be fetched i decided to go with my friend. before i went out i got past her, hold her lightly at her sides and left the door. she held my hand and let it slip while i go to the door. after a few minutes, i got a txt message from her saying that shet,i had the nerve to leave her before she was fetched. and then followed by im goin out with friends and go drink and that she doenst care if i get mad(because i already told her that she should not be drinking)...


i said to myself what the heck, she was the one who said i could leave. my holding her sides before i left was somewhat saying goodbye, what made her say things like this.i replied to the txt saying what was this about? you told me i could leave. but of course i dont get a reply bcoz it was just a borrowed cell, she doensnt have one.


i dont know, but do you think she felt guilty when i saw the login name she used and to lessen guilt she tried to make excuse to get mad back at me or make me mad by drinking? is it possible to think of it this way? or was it that i was at fault somewhere?


i just dont know what to say to her when we see each other at work tomorrow, but maybe ill show her what she texted me and ask her why or what did she mean when she txt me that?


im already having second thoughts that she doesnt want to go on with this relationship or is confused, but do i see it like when she feels i would go, she would try to talk to me again,try to make me feel better(though not asking to come back but its automatic the past times), or i could feel and see it in her face that she is afraid that i will leave her?

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