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First date.. what to do if you don't drink coffee?

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Do you just not drink hot liquids? Or do you not drink coffee/tea period? If you just do not drink hot liquids you could always go for an iced tea or iced coffee. If you don't drink coffee and tea period, how about going for an ice cream/milkshake?? Or just tell him that you don't drink coffee/tea.

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Most places that serve hot beverages also have bottled water and other cold drinks like soda.


To me "going for coffee" is sort of a generic shorthand for "going out to a place where we can sit and talk a while, not have alcoholic beverages and not have to commit to having an entire meal if things aren't going well." "Going for a drink" would imply alcoholic beverages. IMO, not your best choice for a first meeting if we're talking about meeting a potential date from online. Saying "going for coffee" eliminates meeting at a bar and it also implies that it's ok for it to be a brief meeting (like an hour or so), so you're not stuck for the entire evening. "Going for coffee" would also indicate that no one's being expected to pony up for the cost of a meal.


One thing it doesn't necessarily mean is that you have to drink coffee.

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Other's have hit the nail on the head. Going for coffee is a generic term in reality.


One thing I will add though is that if/when you do meet for "coffee", even if you don't feel like having a drink (presumably a cold one) have one anyway so the other party isn't uncomfortable.

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It's just a term for going out for a non-alcoholic drink. My friend always has a soft drink - there are usually some quite fancy ones in cafes, so it's nice. Fruit juice, spritzer, water, sparkling water, etc.


Basically 'let's go for a drink' = let's go to a bar; 'let's go for coffee' = let's hang out for a non-alcoholic drink.


Enjoy - have fun!

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Just get a juice or something, the whole idea of "going for coffee" does not mean you must have coffee!


It's just a way to have a casual, "time limited" kind of date, without the complications of alchohol and having to sit through an entire dinner if things don't mesh.

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