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Chubby White Girls


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LOLLYLOPS!! LOLZORDS!!! Man, if only you knew how funny I thought that post was. Meh.. if it's fat white women and skinny Korean women you're attracted to... who am I to judge? Yknow... I think it would help if you found the Queen song "Fat Bottom Girls" somewhere... lol. Otherwise... I say treat them like they were "skinny" or something... Wow, what a strange situation you have here... and this is coming from a HUGE weirdo.

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I like chubby white girls, why won't they like me back?

Personally I have started finding many members of a new ethnic group attractive, once I have discovered that first one who appeals to me.


If you live in Virginia, you will be used to seing plenty of white girls there and there are bound to have been at least one white girl who have appealed to you.

The white girls on the other hand, have not seen as many asian boys to discover that very first one who rocks their boat.


As far as the poundage goes, a person's visual preferences aren't really affected by they themselves having put on weight the last couple of years. In fact, the visual preferences are not affected by the viewer much at all. This is good to remember when being rejected by someone who "should be happy to be approached at all".

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I like chubby white girls, why won't they like me back? Is it because I'm not chubby?



I also like skinny tall korean girls but they don't like me either.


How do you approach these women?


That's what I think you should focus on, rather than their ethnicity and body types. Your answer probably lies there.



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They don't like you because you still need some growing up to do.


I am not trying to offend you - I am just saying that by the way you formulated your post, it still looks like you still have to learn a lot about attraction and love.


Just for fun - have you tried chubby korean girls?

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This is good to remember when being rejected by someone who "should be happy to be approached at all".



I am sorry Stari but I am a bit put off by your last remark.It makes it sound like these women are not worthy of attention or love because they are overweight.I am overweight (or fat as some would say) and I didn't appreciate that comment.Everyone needs love and just because someone is overweight does not mean they are less deserving of anything.


My girlfriend for example adores me and thinks I am so beautiful (mind you I am nowhere near being thin..) & my girlfriend has the body of a goddess and she loves me Yay!!! I asked her what she first saw in me and she said she was attracted to my spirit and my big heart and that I was a good person,for her liking me it was what was on the inside as well.Beauty and what someone finds attractive in someone is in the eye of the beholder.

Check out my quote.

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First, you might want to try dating women not girls but if you do that you will have to lose the objectifying attitude. Most women do not like being objectified (well, most people do not) and it shows whether you say it explicitly as you have done here or otherwise. I once declined a second date with a "gorgeous" "great catch on paper" type of guy because, among a few other reasons, he said he liked petite women (I am) because of "how they fit in my arms." Blech.

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I know whatya mean, Batya. Me too, I find it a turn-off for someone to be chasing after me bc of one trait I do have.

It makes it seem like any old person with that particular trait will do.

It's not about liking me - it's about liking my boobs, or my petite stature, or something of the like.


You are funny PUFF, but a gf of yours might have to take a few of those bitter jokes to the chest to be with ya'. That could suck.


By the way, I'm starting to like ya but I ain't chubby. What does this mean?

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Dear Kleopatra71,


No need for you to feel put off.

I think there was misunderstanding. You are respectful in your post so I am happy to clear it out. Only I begin to wonder if my attempt at clarification will create new misunderstandings.


Once immediately after I was rejected I thought that "What?! She should be happy that someone really cares for her inner qualities since she is no beauty!". But this was my hurt ego talking.


The following week I waited for her to get over her phase of stupidity. After a week passed without hearing from her I concluded that she really wasn't being stupid but instead was not attracted to me.


The woman in question was not overweight. However, when I first met her, I found her plain looking. Over time I grew to liked her a as person and trusted her completely.

But at the time I didn't have any physical attraction to her. I wanted her in my life forever but did not know how to make that happen without being her partner.


Still, I realised that she had the qualities of a girlfriend so I began trying to like her physically.

When apart I thought "She is not THAT bad looking". But each time I met her I was disappointed by reality and couldn't help to think "Darn, why can't she be a little bit prettier?".


I kept hoping that, in time, I would start to like her appearance. And after several months, she did yet another trust building thing to me.

When I looked at her thereafter, I could not separate her physical appearance from her beautiful personality.

And suddenly I found myself attracted to her physically.


I began wooing her seriously after that. We had unforgettable dates. And when I finally declared to her my tender feelings, she rejected me. Ouch!


So for short time my hurt ego thought "She will regret it. She is not pretty enough to attract devoted guys like me every day!". But life continued its course. My ego healed and has long since stopped waiting for her to realise her mistake.


Hope that put my last line into the right context, Kleopatra.

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Yeah I have been there with the ego thing! ha ha years ago I went out with a guy who everyone was like "He is soooo ugly!" but I liked him, thought he was sweet, he wined and dined me for about two months, then eventually we slept together and he dumped me the next day and then told everyone in my local pub that he had slept with me but made it sound like a cheap event and now how i had thought it to be at all..


I rmember for the longest time thinking "Wow, he should have been greatful to get me, how dare someone that ugly be so conceited as to use me.."


in saying that I realise how conceited i myself sound..

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Im a size 14 and my boyfriend calls himself a Chubby Chaser! its nice that he finds me attractive but does he have to make it sound like an insult! ha ha


Your post made me laugh though!


ha ha



I am in a similar situation with the guy ive been dating almost a month now. In one breath hes going on about how sexy i am and in the next he'll make a comment about my big butt. His hands are on me at all times so he finds me attractive and im by far not the heaviest woman he's dated. Still I wish he'd just treat me like what I am..a normal sized woman with a booty!

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