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Help! This is bothering me!

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Have you ever felt that greater forces were pushing you towards a certain direction or something or someone? I've had this feeling the past few days and signs everywhere reminding me of someone I haven't even seen or spoken to for more than a good year. All of this has made me feel like I should contact them. Makes it feel like areally small world. It's so strange, has anyone else experienced this?

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Yeah I've had very similar feelings quite a few times before.


Having premonitions such as these tend to be more a subconscious will then divine clarity. That said it doesn't mean you shouldn't follow your own advice so to speak. Sometimes we know what is best for ourselves. I wouldn't put much thought into it, just go with your gut on this one. Unless of course it puts you in some sort of danger.


That's my two cents.

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Yes. A few years ago, I found myself thinking of a girl I'd known in grade school. We weren't friends then, and aren't now. But I'd think of her periodically, wondering how she was. I prayed for her. I found out later that during this time she was trying to decide whether to continue in her marriage or not.


Other people I think of out of the blue like this, I just contact, if the relationship will allow it.

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