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No matter what happens or what people do racism will always be present in the world because as long as we have different races/cultures/ethnicities/religion etc, we will always have racism

If a all interracial breeding program started the result would be brown. The fair skins and hair colors will be genetically inferior to the dark dominate traits of black or brown people. The eventual averaging will result in a brown skin tone with brown eyes, and dark hair.

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If a all interracial breeding program started the result would be brown. The fair skins and hair colors will be genetically inferior to the dark dominate traits of black or brown people. The eventual averaging will result in a brown skin tone with brown eyes, and dark hair.


And there have been a lot of studies done on our beginnings, and they pretty much all comcluded that the first human beings were brown.

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It appears that solid has left the building ...possibly off to take his bleach bath!


Solid....if you come back.....I don't think your trying to convince us that 'brown' skin color is rejected by the white society....I think your trying to convince yourself!

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Hey Victim.. should I black your eyes again?

You were the one who put the stick in my hand...


I don't care what you look like, if you look exactly like them, they'll tell you you look gay, or something equally stupid. As long as you feel like the victim, or like "they" are any different from "you", it has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin, your weight, your haircut, or even your financial status... you will defeat yourself every time. All "they" are doing is acting like the same rediculous overpriveliged brats they've gotten away with acting like since childhood... and you're still feeding them.

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I'm Asian-American and I have brown skin, people call me Native American or Mexican, I find it funny how they can screw up my nationality, it just sucks on job applications with only once choice. A lot of girls are getting tan nowadays, so it looks like everyone's gonna be brown skinned.

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I have an idea - you could contact Michael Jackson to give you a bleaching formula!


You are making a difference between white people and dark skin people. That's wrong. There is only a difference between a good person and bad person, skin colour doesn't count!

I think you are beeing insecure and that's the main problem.

Also i think you could have problems with finding a job - not because you're brown, but because your attitude about racial issues could signal to a potential employer how you could treat white people differently!

Your attitude is not positive and thats what rejects people.


We all tend to meet people who have prejudice:

for example if you're black you might meet people who have prejudices about that,

if you're white you can meet black people who have prejudices about that,

if your parents are divorced there are people who find that innapropriate,

if you're the only child, there are people who immediately think how you're selfish and spoiled,

if you're gay some people might think you're sick,

if you're depressed some people might think you should just get over it,

if you don't have ivy league college some people might judge you based only on that, instead looking at your moral and values,

if you're religious some people could think you're naive....


You see no matter who you are, there are always going to be people who will disapprove you. The trick is to live with that, and to have friends with similar values.



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No matter who you are, what race, religion, gender, sexuality, skin colour, whatever. There will always be people who don't like you, who will, for whatever personal reason, discriminate against you. That's life.

However, that does not mean that everyone you meet will discriminate against you. Sure, you'll be one of few on your college course, so what? You may feel awkward about it for a while, but, you'll find people who like you, become friends with you and it will pass. However, if you go with your current attitude, then you may not make friends, not because of your skin colour, but because of the attitude and vibes you give off. You give off very defensive 'leave me alone' vibes, and people will leave you alone.

Same goes for a job, employers will pick up on the signals you give off and won't employ you, because they will not want that type of attitude.


I'm sorry if this comes accross as harsh , but it is the way I see it.

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The majority of people on this planet are one shade of brown or another.

You belong to the majority.


Your post really stuck out to me due to personal experience. My ex called himself a brown man.

He defined himself that way. Not me. Not my family either.

And interestingly enough, I come from a family where the majority have brown skin and I am an exception by being born with pale skin.

I get termed 'white' or 'pale' or 'pasty' but the others don't get called 'brown'.


In the end...Who cares? Apparently, you do.

But it really isn't worth it from my point of view. Why let skin define you in your own eyes? It's silly.



whited skinned woman who digs brown skinned men

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I just want to say first and foremost... that you completely offend me.


I am what you are calling a "sh** colored brown person" that you hate so much. I have NEVER EVER faced any of the bull**** racism and discrimination that you claim to be dealing with. I truly believe that all of this stuff is in your head. "brown people" have won more ms.universe titles than any other color, and thereforeeee cannot be as disgustingly ugly as you claim. "brown people" are some of the most educated people in the world and , and are our socities doctors, engineers and scientists. "brown people" are just like any other person... they are not any less of a human being, nor do they deserve your nasty hypocritical words about them.


I am a "Brown person" who goes to one of the top universities in the country, I have always been top of my class, and have the prospect of a bright future ahead of me. No one is putting you down except for yourself. More importantly, you cant ever EVER expect anyone to ever respect you if you think so lowly of yourself. If you believe you are sh** then people will treat you no better, so that's an issue with YOUR thinking, not your skin color. .


Everyone faces discrimination at some point or another (even white people get the "dumb blonde jokes" or "redneck" comments). We live in a world where people are cruel to eachother, not everyone is going to like you and they dont have to. Just be happy with yourself. You determine your own future.

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Hi Solid


I am not going to say that it is a perfect and ideal world and people are treated with respect regardless of their skin color or ethnicity. Racism exists and people are judged by how they look.


I think all the white women that you asked out rejected you and went on dates with white guys. That got to you. You may have been passed up for a promotion in your company and it would have eventually gone to a white person. That got to you. Things like this keep happening and you eventually came to a conclusion that the only thing that matters is skin color. I wouldn't blame you for that. It is a natural reaction and you are pouring out your frustrations here.


But just take a good look at your own posts. Does it sound non-judgemental and fair? No way!! You are telling that brown people are dumb and get only low jobs. I have no idea where you got that idea from.


I am from India. My hair color is black. My skin color is brown


I hold an M.S. degree from a good university in NY and currently work in the hi-tech industry earning 100k. I am also a member of the Indian Quiz Foundation. At the risk of sounding immodest I have to say that being a member of that organization unofficially means that I am in the upper 10% in a country of 1 billion people.


But wait... by your logic I must be dumb and deserve only low jobs because my skin color is brown


You are not dumb because your skin color is brown. You are dumb because you think you are dumb because your skin color is brown.


So what if all those white females rejected you? Even white guys get rejected!! You just got to keep looking and find the one that is right for you regardless of her skin color.


My best female friend is a white skinned Jewish woman. I liked her a lot but she rejected me because I am not Jewish. Just like you I felt so angry and was so bitter for a very very long time. You can see my posts everywhere in this forum about that. But how long can I possibly be bitter and angry and keep questioning "why is this girl being a bigot? why does she insist that she will only marry a Jew?".


I finally got exhausted and accepted things as they are. Yes, I am not Jewish. Yes, I am not white. So this girl is not going to accept me. So what now? Should I live the rest of my life cribbing about this? Nope... I just move on to some other girl that is open minded and gives importance to other traits such as character and personality. I am damn sure that there will be atleast one girl in the USA that will like a brown skinned, smart, well educated, funny guy


Bottom line, you will face some rejections and bad treatment from some people in your job or personal life. Either you keep whining about it OR you just accept things as they are and keep moving on with your life doing the best you can. The choice is clearly yours.


Good luck

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You attitude could be tempering these rejections not your color. A woman of any skin color won't date a guy she knows is only going to be drama and anger, who would want to, that's no fun. And in jobs if you act like you have a crappy job and don't put any effort of course you'll be passed over, someone showing more effort and care for their job that obviously wants to move up. But if you continue to be snide and rude to people about skin color and insult a great portion of the population, you are not going to get any where, you're only going to drive yourself further into your hole.

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I am swedish, irish, english, german, scottish, cherokee indian, seminole indian, and mexican.


Although my skin is peach and my eyes are green.... you would make a mistake in assuming that my lighter colored skin made me predjudiced...


It is that type of thinking that sickens me just as much as those that hate on the basis of color.


To a world sick with hatrid ---- get well soon.

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I can see where you're coming from, I'm scottish, black, chinese, and cherokee, but it's like no one can tell what I am so I'm looked at in a different way. I don't have like a racial group I just belong to automatically. I have to check "other" on those forms asking about race. I'm called all sorts of things that I'm not and at first it was all just in fun, but now its just plain hurtful and its like no one believes me if I say it is hurtful.

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"You know it really is hard being Dyslexic or part-Dyslexic in a lexical supremeist world. Do NOT deny it by saying we dont, because everyone knows we do. Most of the people i live with are lexical, and even mostly everybody in family is pure porceliein european pour lexical. I just happened to be Dyslexic, and I live in a society where people really dont discriminate publicly, but i can feel it sometimes. Its hard being called many different names , ive been called everything from Dumb,Slow,Thick,moron,imbecile,Fool,Cretin,usless etc etc,"


I hope you see at Im getting at with this what Im saying is in part I know how you feel, what sets me apart from others I can hide its Dyslexia is under my skin but when it comes out then I get it. I know you wish so much you where white but dont you are you and garte for being it, fools and nuts wil call you names but in life I found that Insults till you more about the Insulter than the Insultee.


When I was in China I had times where White ment odd, I was looked at and pointed at and words where said, snickers and giggles but I was not there for long.


My wife is Chines and I have seen what others of all races have done to her

I lose it some times, her English is very good and still some call her names and talk down to here, we are having our 1st child and I will never make the fill bad about having Chaines and English heratage I am proued of my wunderfull wife and love her more than I can say, shes smarter than any of the nuts that hive her a hard time.


Just remember its what you do in life that counts the garte and good are so by being so.

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I don't get why people but such emphasis on skin color? I mean if you think about it we're all the same and we're all different which makes everyone unique.For the longest time I suffered from low self-esteem because I am a black dark skinned fellow. Everyone has this theory that the more lighter you are, the more sexier you are which is not true. I heard that in my area all of the time and I even got teased from my own peers because I was dark brown.Sadly I still do today.Recently I got a tan from over the summer which makes me even look darker.Now I even have some co-workers at my job telling me that I need to lighten back up because it's not cute,WHAT?Ignorance just really kills me in this world,it really does.It makes me feel unattractive and it took me along time for me to be comfortable with my skin color, I admit sometimes I still struggle today.


My point is, be happy with what "GOD" gave you! There's only one you so be happy with yourself. I mean there are people out there that got burned in fires and their face and bodies are totally messed up, which is sad and I feel for them! There are people that have it much worse than us so instead of complaining about being brown, just be thankful that you're able to see another day and that you're in perfect health. Learn to love yourself for who you are! You only live life once, so don't go living your whole life saying I'm brown and it sucks. Say I'm brown and I'm proud!!

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One of my friends is Indian(Asian) and she has beautiful skin. She is funny. Whenever I complain about not getting to get out in the sun in summer due to work, she would always say, "Hey,(my name), I have a tan all year long and don't have to go out in the sun." Maybe try interjecting some humour in conversations that come up about skin color.


To tell you the truth, even though I grew up in an all white area, I never once gave her skin color a thought. Maybe since I knew her since I was five and we had fun playing together. We hid when I had to go home.

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i suggest you get some professional help. after reading your responses to everyone's suggestions, you seem to refute them all.


it also seems like you have some deep self-hatred going on that you obviously cannot seem to realize. people on here are/were trying to help you by giving you other perspectives on how you view yourself and other races, especially the "brown" ones.


yeah, racism does exits. deal with it when it comes your way but don't ask for it. it seems like you want to be discriminated against.

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