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Missing him! Yet angry at myself because i can't forget him

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Hello everyone, My problem is that I try to forget about an ex-boyfriend of mines and I just can't seem to let him go. I dated him for a year before my husband and I were reunited, We had a good time when we were together we broke up because his attitude towards what he wanted in life changed. Even though he hurt me I also hurt him by deciding because he was'nt acting the way I wanted him to that it was best that we were split up. Now since my husband and I have been back together I can't seem to get him (my ex) off my mind I think of him from dusk to dawn pretty much.. The only thing is that ,I felt when we were together he made me so happy alot of the times even though he was 400 miles away.I may have took his kindness for weakness,but there is so much more to this story I'd be typing all night if I had to put all of that in this forum but to make a long story short we claimed that we were in love with each other. The last time that I saw him was about 4 months ago We both were so furious with each other because I was about to take my husband back and I was still angry because when we broke up he dated a girl for about 2wks and moved in with her. Well what ever happened to them was crazy he ended up moving back home which was when I went for a last visit the weekend was nice. Anyway about 2 months later I received a call from a very close relative telling me that he made the biggest mistake of his life he married the girl he moved in with . Yes of course that hurt really bad but I still can't figure out what was he thinking. Did he do it because of my decision? As far as my husband and I are concerned we're trying to rekindle the old flame but I don't know if I am giving it all I have because of how I think I feel about this other guy.I don't know if my husband changed or if he just appeared to have changed because he wanted me back, once he got me back everything pretty much picked up where it left off us fussing and fighting , and getting in moods where we both don't want to be bothered by each other I don't know but if anybody has any imput on what I should drop me a line. Thanks so much

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