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age gap relationships

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This is my first time posting a topic, so I hope I will get some replies (i need them). I have been seeing this guy for about 3 years now off and on. I am a single mom of a little 3 yr old boy. The guy I have been seeing off and on is 14 years older than I am. The problem is we used to work together and we had to hide our relationship, which made it very hard. He recently quit the job he was working at and started another job (about 4 months ago) he calls me almost every night but only wants to see me once a week or less. He tells me he loves me but I don't know if I should believe that or not. When he comes over now to the house he still demands that he hides his car in my garage. It's hard for me to accept that, since he no longer works at the same place that I do .

I hope someone will give me some advice on this, because I am totally lost for words.

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That's really odd...hiding his car in your garage. Is he married or somehow attached? That's the only reason I can think of for his behavior. You have every right to be concerned. You know, I've read quite a few stories on this site about women who date an older man, only to learn that the older man is immature or dysfunctional. His age is no guarantee that he's more fit for a relationship...don't get fooled into giving him more respect because of his age.

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Hi laurelwendle, Well this is only my opinion but I think u should take more into consideration besides the two of you just working together, or it being and age difference. Meaning there is possibly someone else that he can't let him see you at your home. I would suggest that u ask him if he is married, Don't think because you've been knowing him for several years means that you will know because if its something that he's trying to hide then it can be done if he is good at what he doing. If you don't want to ask him then that type of information is open to the public you find out for yourself then you make the decision if thats what you can deal with.Because if he happens to be married if he is doing it to her then he will more then likely do it to you. Hope I did'nt jump the gun to much but as I said before this is only my opinion...

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