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okay its been awhile.....i am haurting a bit:(

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well its about 5 days since the ex emailed me and said she missed me yadda yadda yadda you guys read teh letters i feel like i definitely was set back


i ask myself ? self? if she misses you and crys in her pillow at night why hasnt she called you?


did she just want to see if you would contact her ?


or is she just that messed up?


and doesnt know what she wants and doesnt want to let go completely?


i misss her bottom line but i wont call her on contact her


it just sucks

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She said she cries in her pillow? How long did you guys go out? And how long have you been broken up? If you still have a lot of feelings for her, tell her so, in an email. And tell her that if she doesn't have those same feelings, she should stop contacting you, it's not fair.


And in the end it's your decision wether you want to get back with her or not.

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