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can someone help?......dealing with the soon to be ex wife

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hello. i have been seeing this guy for about three month. He is still married but separated from his ex wife. She is the soon to be ex-wife from hell and sometimes i think alot about ended the relationship because of her. She has stalked my home called on his cell and mine at least 20 times a day. Not one day that we have been together has she left me or him alone. My bf and I both got tattoos for x-mas with each other names on the tattoo. I thought it was a really cute way to show our love for each other. She found out he got a tattooo with my name on his arm and had to go out and get one to with his name on her arm. She says she still loves him and thinks she can get him back. I get mad at my bf alot and we get into lots of fights because i feel like he can do something to get her to stop harrrasing me but he doesn't.


Now my bf and I have been talking about having a baby together, I really want to have his child. But I'm afraid if i get pregnant, I will be under alot of stress and it would be harmful to the baby. and if she finds out i'm having his baby she will be more physcho then she is already. His soon to be ex-wife has bi-polor disorder and she doesn't take her medication and some of the things she does is really crazy. I'm also afraid she might hit me or do something to make me loose the baby if I do get pregnant. any advice?

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You have only been seeing him for three months, have already had his name tattooed on you and are now thinking of having a baby with him..... SLOW DOWN! You first have to see if this relationship is going to last after the infatuation stage is over...and yes, getting matching tattoos with your names on each other's bodies means you are still in the infatuation/lust stage, not in the good solid, let's raise a child together LOVE stage.


How long have they been separated? Were they separated before he met you? It sounds like he is enjoying having two women fight for him. Don't start having babies with him until your relationship is a lot stronger.

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he was separated from her for only a a few weeks before he met me.

i think he will go back to her sometimes because so far she has been bothering him or me almost every day and he doesn't do amything to stop her from bothering me.

we get into lots of agruments over her and he tells me he wouldn't have my name tattooed on his arm if he didn't love me. sometimes i think he got the tattoo just to make her jealous.

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Run, Run, Run. I am very sorry to say that you are the rebound and although those matching tattoos may mean a lot to you, they are simply an act of defiance to his wife....yes, his wife...he is still married. And it worked...his wife is running after him and he loves it. You don't really know the reason they split, only what he is telling you. You are going to get yourself very very hurt if you don't get away from this situation. You are worth much more than this.

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