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There's this guy that I really like. At first I thought he was cute and apparently he thought I was cute too. We talked on msn and I’m so much more open on msn so I told him that I think he's cute and he thought the same about me which was great... then we went out to the movies last weekend, and i had fun but there was one problem... he didn't try anything like holding my hand or kissing me or anything!! Then the next day we worked together (which was his last day) and at the beginning of the shift we didn't really talk, and towards the end of the shift I started talking to him more and before he left he's like "ill talk to you on msn" and then he left. lol then we didn’t talk for like 2 days straight going on with him? does he even like me anymore?! helllp!!!

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He wouldn't have gone out with you last weekend if he wasn't interested. So I don't think he's completely uninterested.


I would do as the others suggested. Let him contact you first. If he comes on msn, wait for him to send you a message.


I also like the idea of you asking him to do something. That way he has a chance to say yes or no, and you will know how he feels then by his response.


If he keeps backing off, then I would say to move on.

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Ask him on a date. It might not be comfortable, but he'll appreciate it. If he really does like you he will say yes... if no then you obviously know. But if he says yes then he actually DOES like you, he just doesn't know how to go about touching you and doesn't know you well enough to know what you like/dislike.


He is nervous, he is very nervous. Try to relax more Maybe go get coffee (starbucks is a great place obviously)... get to know him better... talk about "the other sex" stuff... it'll open him up maybe?

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