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Update: Im going to ask the girl out this week...Need advice


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I don't know if you have been following my posts lately if not then here they are:


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Well just today I was hanging out with my friends and just talking.For some reason everything we talked about I found some way to bring up (ok ill start using her real name) Ashley.We then went to my friends house to shoot things with his sniper rifle BB gun (not animals,We shot pop cans and a pencil standing up straight from 250 feet away.)Then he told me he could hit a pencil standing up from that far and I didn't believe him.


Then I told him his chances of him hitting that pencil is my chances of going out with ashley.It was then my friends decided to tell me that they can tell she liked me.I NEVER knew this up in till now.So then my friends all took a shot at shooting the pencil and they all didn't come close.Finally my last friend said "If I hit this pencil first shot,then you have to ask her out this week.". So im like ok,because no one has came close to hitting it.Guess what...He hit's it dead on.Im like *beep*.


Now I don't know if I should ask her at lunch/school,or right after work? Please tell me what you think and don't forget we are 15 & 16 yearolds.Also how to ask her out,what should I say to get on the "Do you want go out sometime" topic.Last I need to know where I will take her before I ask her out,because I don't want to be like "So hey,do you want to go out some time?" then she would be like "Ok,where" then i would be like "umm....".You get my point.Please help me you guys have been major help so far down the line.

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woah woah woah......first of all you have to get her warmed up. Talk to her more often this week and just play it cool. Dont get nervous, and if youre not a funny one, then talk about something semi-serious. if you ahve a liscense thats great. just ask her if she needs a ride somewhere sometime. remember ask like you dont really care if she goes or not. say "so ya need a ride?" dont be like, OH OH OH I CAN GIVE YOU A RIDE!!! play it cool and then ask her if she wants to go to a football game with you or if she needs another ride somewhere. Get a couple friends and hang out with her and her friends, thats the best thing about young age relationships, you have all your friends to comfort you. once you start getting more comfortable aroudn her, go out to eat or to a movie, or just stay at home and watch one. if ya need more advice, PM me

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