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almost there...


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hey all...


so i have been "in process" with the divorce from my cheating wife.


things are moving along smoothly...we both just filed our financial disclosures...and i have to say....i am beginning to feel this sense of relief...


it's like a weight is being lifted from me...





once we agree on the settlement (which i think we do) we basically just send it to the court as uncontested. then it's just a matter of waiting for the judge to send us the paper to sign and bing...divorced.


I am hoping it's all said and done by may at the latest.


keep your fingers crossed.


hoo rah.

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Yes! I hear you, i'm just waiting to be served myself. Mine is also uncontested, totally surreal, it makes you feel like a new person. I just feel so anxious and i'm having trouble sleeping at night waiting for it to be finalized.


When you're ready for change WHO WANTS TO WAIT??


Congrats, and enjoy your new found singleness

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Ah... Divorce will bring many emotions to the surface - many that I hadn't felt so strongly in many years (good and bad). Freeing at times - yes - but there were others as well. Uncertainty? (4) Kids and 15 years of memories man.

Still waitin' for the decree. Mine was not so cut and dried.


Best to you all - may you find the love you need.

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Puppeteer, I'm curious. And I am new here. Since you're wife is the "cheater"....doesn't it piss you off that in CA, everything has to be divided equally?


My husband is the cheater and I forgave and gave so many chances after listening to his (so called) heartfelt sorries and apologies and witnessed his many tears. I gave many more years than I should have.


Everything we have/own is truly do to my doing. Now I have to split everything 50/50? Thank God there are no children involved.


Feeling stupid after 19 years!

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hey canine...


eh...honestly i don't care. it's just stuff.


i'm more mad that she has yet to call my folks and apologize or to admit fault in any way. she has just totally and completely written off me, my family and my friends...all of whom accepted her into their hearts and thought she had it all together...boy were we duped.


she's in sacramento too....dunno why that matters but it's interesting.


the CA 50/50 i personally think is a good thing. it says that no matter what...you must dissolve everything and walk away even.


does part of me want to punish her and think she deserves nothing? yeah.


but i realized that what she misses out on is a life with me, a life with my wonderful family and amazing friends...when i look at that...i really did come away from this divorce with more than she did.


i never have to look at myself in the mirror and know that i lack morals, integrity or ethics.


i know that i am strong...that i am loved and that i will love again.


all in all...i think that's a pretty great thing.

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