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finish school vs take job now

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I'm getting close to being 30. I have an opportunity that has come up for me to take a job that will pay about 45k the first year and a guaranteed raise that will put me at about 60k in 2 years. It's hard physical work though, the kind that could make a person's body age faster. It's a very secure job -- basically unless I do something intentionally stupid, I will have it as long as I want.


I'm going to the university right now because I like the idea of being able to have more options, but I'm really not into school and can't even decide on a major. Also, I question whether I will even be able to find a job that can compete with the one I am being offered if i do get a degree.


I don't have a wife or kids and haven't had a girlfriend for a while (which is a different story), so I don't really need money to take care of anyone other than myself.


I really don't know what to do. I find myself feeling disgusted with the social life of college -- maybe I feel disconnected because I am older. At the same time, if I accept this job, it will have to pretty much be a career commitment. There is no transferring and I won't be able to find anything as comparable if I quit.


If I pass up the job opportunity, I will get it again, but it might be a year or two -- maybe longer -- before I am offered it again.


Any advice?

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The smart money is to stay in school.


However, there is a slim, slim, slim chance, that college isn't for you, and you should take this offer.


The numbers show that a person with a college degree earns far more money than a person without. It's like night and day.


Additionally if you end up not liking this job, chances are you'd have to find work that is near similar in order to maintain the same level of income. College grads have a far wider range of job opportunities.


As for college social life, is that really what makes you want to drop out of school? You're only as old as you feel.


This is how I'd look at your situation.


1) You'd be instantly popular because you're old enuff to buy alcohol.

2) You are waist deep in young college girls.

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If I pass up the job opportunity, I will get it again, but it might be a year or two -- maybe longer -- before I am offered it again.


This sounds like a good insurance policy to take out on pursuing your education. My experience is that going back to school is harder than going back to a job later on.


How close are you to finishing your degree? And it sounds like this new job might preclude you from studying?


The other questions I think you should consider and answer for yourself are:


1) Is your main motivation immediate money or the prospect for a broader and potentially more gainful possibility for employment later with a degree? Or does the idea of having something no one, not a flat job market, budget cuts, or outsourcing, can ever take away from you appeal to you?


2) Is the money really worth an over-aged body?


3) What do you really want to do in your heart? If someone held a .357 to your head and said, "Choose you silly mo-fo or it's yo as" which one would it be?

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Hey buddy, I feel you since I went through this 12 years ago. The big decision you need to come to terms with is what kind of personality type sums you up at this moment. I really don't know which type you represent so I'll advice you on the four basic types I've learned to read people by.


To start if you're a "emulator" or "dreamer" type that emulates to be someone of percieved success and don't understand how they achieved it then I'd suggest to take the job and follow your dream as a hobbie until you achieve it without jeopardizing your future wife and family.


Now if you're a "comformist' or "live simple" type that enjoys to make do with what you have with out the outside rat race and loves traditional values then I'd suggest to take the job and start to build a financial foundation and steady security nest so that your future wife can find safety in for a family.


Next if you're the "over achiver" or "perfectionist" type that wants to be the best in everything you do and is highly competetive then stay in school to fully achieve your ambitions and all will work out in the end with lots money and great personal growth.


Last if you're the "socially conscience" or "deep thinker" type that loves the journey more than the end game then stay in school to discover your talents without regards to money and find a like minded woman to share your passions with.


The tough part is to be brutally true to yourself on what type you are and then accept your nature as it plays out. Each type has it's good and bad traits and only you can figure out which traits you like or not.


I grew up fooling myself that I was a deep thinker that cared for the world when reality my personality was founded on perfection. I thought it was an ugly negative trait but discovered it's a positive for me since it took me out of mediocrity to help me achieve happiness with career, relationships and me even though many people see me as to demanding, abrasive and intense. So please figure out who you are and everything will fall in place.

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I agree with everything LostInMyThoughts said. However, If you really don't know what you want your major to be, and what you want to do in life, then maybe it is time to take a break off of school. I've found that people who know what they want to do with their life tend to do better in college because they are more focused.


You may consider taking the job for a few years, and then seeing if you are still interested in continuing in that line or work, or if you would rather get a white-collar job. And while you are working, you should save tons of your money just in case you do decide to return to college one day.


Do you want to age your body that rapidly? That is a good thing to think about. It's not only about looking older, but how is the health of people in that field in their 40s? do they have serious health problems? Would you want, or would you be able to afford that sort of health treatment?


good luck with your decision.

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School. Physically arduous jobs are brutal on the body, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to do this job in a few years; whereas, with an education, more options are open to you. If they want you this bad now, they'll want you more with an education.


btw, this is not alot of money you're talking about.

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