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Well now Im here.. I recently was a counselor on link removed and i helped probably around 25 ppl in 2 years with there problems, concerns, issues, the struggles and the fighting..Well after being a very helpful person all there thoughts and knowledge rubbed off on to me....Like the other day i was working with my construction job , and we where using corner bead(aluminum cornering) for walls that are just drywall and need structure to hold them together for a tight and smooth looking wall) anyhow i took a piece of it and cut my arm 6inches back from my wrist..and i cut it horizontally...its about 3 inches wide... It bleed a bit..Than i made another unnecessary cut ....I dont feel like hurting myself...I use to be the one to give out the right tips....Was helping all these ppl a bad idea( i know i made the idea to help them..Thats what i want to do.. I want to help everyone......did i go into a state of mind( that i took there problems and added them on to me.......this happened like 6 days ago.


The only reason I think...its b.c i work 75-80hrs every week.. Like the construction job i do 60hrs and Mc doanlds i do 20hrs.....But see i cant just stop b.c i need to be up and moving...Do you guys/gals have any tips...Btw i don't drink, smoke or do drugs...Im a clean virgin kid.(literally and metaphorically)




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Helping people is can be a bad thing if you end up hurting yourself.


This is the case with you right now. I don't believe the two are related, but you need to consider that. I think you just need to focus on what made you react that way. If it simply is the fact you've been helping people with their issues then stop.


I know you probably weren't trying to end your life, but you could end up that way if you don't stop yourself now.


I hope this helps.

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Well im done focusing..I think it was a mis hap...I don't think i want to involve myself with cutting anymore..I'm done thinking about it..For sure. See most ppl cant give up a habit....but i can.. I don't need the coaching..


"I think its time to open my eyes and take the sunglasses off and realize that the sun will only change your outer appearance"-MightyXpro


By that i mean , throw the sharp objects away and step outside and do something in your life..Make something of it.Challenge yourself with something..not a knife..everyone can do that..The challenge in life is to get punched on the ground a few times and get back up and beat those next odds.


If there is one thing that i have learned while living here in NY is that, The only person that is close to you is either a sibling or a best friend...


-Just get outside and save someone ( be the hero) Be cheered for. And know that once you do leave this beautiful earth you know that you left a little bit of your courage behind..Than after you have completed all of that , than and I mean than, look back for a brief second and think, (*jessh i was cutting myself and injuring myself for no reason for -nothing-. There is so much to do.....I cant stress that anymore.


Here is one thing that I have come up with if all else fails....

1) If i think that i cant make it at home or at work or at anything, and i feel like my life is going down the drain..Like where talking about to go do drugs and or take someones life or your own..GO to the military..b.c they will one straighten you out, And two give you the chance to make something of your life..



Well this is what i have been thinking..I hope that what I have said as impacted some people out there..Ill remind you people that no-one and or anyone is perfect..I'm 19 and I know I can Change..*Remember change is normal*.

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