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LDRs and Emailing

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I think it's up to you guys to decide what works for you. What may be unhealthy for one couple is perfectly healthy for another. If you are both OK with emailing less and it doesn't seem to hurt the relationship, then it's fine. It's kind of a trial and error to see what it takes to make both people happy.

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I am in the middle of a LDR too. At the beginning we used to talk on the phone every single day. Then we both realized that wasn't working out because it was just getting really tiring.


I think its important that you live your life where you are at. There is nothing wrong with sending an email every now and then but it doesn't have to be every single day. Keep yourself busy, time will go by faster until you get to see them.

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The problem is that unless you are seeing each other consistently in person the relationship will be largely based on fantasy - the image you two have of each other as opposed to the reality of the person from spending time together. I would say talk once a week on the phone but decide you won't be in a romantic relationship until you can live in the same city and see each other at least once a week in person.

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