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Is marrying at a young age a bad idea? My friend is 24 yrs old, and has been dating a guy for a year and a half, and they're getting married in June. He is in the army and stationed up in Alaska, so she moved up there to be with him and now they're engaged. I just have a bad feeling about this for some reason, and was wondering what you guys think.

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No, 24 is not too young, in my opinion. Like Newo Ikkin, I'd like to get it over with in my early-mid 20s. As long as you're committed to each other and have your lives in order, there is nothing wrong with marrying at that age. Now, if they're only marrying because of the army or whatever, then perhaps they should take a step back...

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I guess I'm posting this b/c I've seen a lot of marriages fail when the parties involved married in their lower 20's as opposed to closer to their 30's. Silly, I know...but it seems to me that if you're too young you may not even know what you want in a partner yet, esp. if you've been in only one or two serious relationships.


just my 2 cents though

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I dont think there is anything wrong with marrying at a young age. Marriages break up for all different reasons. And yes some of those reasons are based on the fact the the couple choose to marry too young, but most certainly not always.


I personally know how scary it is to see one of your best friends venture into something that you can see them getting hurt by. One of my best friends from high school got married at 19, I was really apprehensive about it and I told her how I felt. I never once dissapproved of the marriage though. Its only been a year now, but everytime I see them I feel that they are more in love than ever, and I'm just happy that she's so happy.


I think marriage is based on personal maturity, not age. Talk to your friend, tell her how you feel, don't critisize her decision cause it might push her away. Just have a good heart to heart with one another, cause who knows she might need to talk to you too and get her jitters out!

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I think 24 is a perfect age to be getting married. It might be a little young for a guy, but for a girl, it's the ideal age, in my book.


Why wait, if you're sure you met the right person? Not that I'm advocating diving right in, I'm not. I'm just point out that 24 is a good age, if you're confident it's the right person.

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Call me naive but there sounds nothing strange in that. Bugger me, I want it to be over with by 22!


Like Newo Ikkin, I'd like to get it over with in my early-mid 20s.


It is definitely too young to get married if you are looking at marriage as just wanting it to be over....in other words feeling, "whew, what a relief, I am married now, don't have to worry about the dating scene". Not a good attitude to take into a marriage no matter what age you are...and I have seen women in their thirties fall into that trap and land up in messy divorces.


Age of marriage is not the issue, the issue is maturity and knowing what marriage entails. Some people marry early and their marriages fail because they grow apart. On the other hand, some people marry late and their marriages fail as well. My mother was 22 and my father was 25 when they got married...they are still together after 46 years. If the couple is ready at 24, good for them...only time will tell if it will last longterm.

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I got married at 22 after dating my husband for three years. I seriously thought I'd made a mistake when we started having big problems early on. I figured we must not have been compatible and that I'd made a bad choice because I hadn't dated enough to know what I wanted. Things are wonderful again now that we've learned to deal with those problems and we are very happy. He is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I guess I've learned that there are many, many factors in a successful relationship-- that age and experience don't play near as big a part as patience, respect, understanding, consistance, willingness to try things a different way, and keeping the commitment... these are parts of real love that last.

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