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Woman Playing Hard To Get...is This A Good Thing?

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Okay, this is a different, new situation for me that I need help on. About a year ago, my buddy tried to hook me up with his cousin. She is 25, and I am as well. Well, we all met at a bar, and had a great time, but my ex g/f showed up and well, it just ruined the night. She found out about it, and I had a jealous ex saying that I was still with her, when I was not. But the thing is, it really didn't bother me. So as time goes by, I run into her here and there, and we exchange hi's, but that's about it. Well about a month and a half ago, I run into her at yet another bar, and she sees me with my ex...we had tried to remain friends at this time. But what confused me was is that she got very jealous. She started dancing with me alot, saying "what are you doing with something like that, etc.", arguing with my ex. I took it then after that night, that maybe this girl kind of does like me, but I didn't think about it too much. Well just this past weekend, I see her at a bar, and we had such a great time. We kind of messed around and danced alot, but I can tell she has her guard up and does not throw herself completely at men at all. Anyways, things were going great and she was willing to go with me to another bar until a woman came up to me that I knew from high school while I was dancing with this girl and asked if she could use my cell phone..I said okay..well, she got jealous and said "Your done", and I was trying to explain to her what was going on. She kind of mellowed down and held my hand walking to her friend's car, but her friend told me to stay away from her. I walked her to her friend's car, and she shut the door, but she wouldn't roll down the window. But she kept smiling and laughing at me..I wanted to give my number to her, but it's like she won't let it happen. She had just said earlier that she would ride with me, but then she decided to go home because of this woman that I know. Was she jealous? I just don't understand this girl. It's like she takes 2 steps forward, but then backs up. I must say though, it keeps me interested, and I don't throw myself completely at her as well, and it's like a game. Does she like me or what? To me, it's like she wants to play hard to get...someone please advise me on what to do now because I kind of like this girl.

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You should realize that you are going now where fast with her. If you continue to persue her then realize this is how it is going to be. Notice when she is giving you attention, when she sees that you are wanted by other women. If you are going to have any success with her then it will be by showing her that you are wanted.

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