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Am I being impatient?? Please need help!

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So my story is on another thread in this forum but to make it short, I went out with her for 6 years, we are 24, she broke it off because she feels like she only loves me as a friend and not a bf. She felt like that in the summer and we talked it out and tried to make it work. Everything was going great better then before and she would tell me how she loved me more than anything and how she wanted to get married. Beginning of dec she started acting cold again and questioning herself it she did really love me and said that she only loved me as a friend and that its better if we break up.


My other thread has a more detailed story. Its called "Am i doing the right thing and what should I do in the future?"


Anyways I done strict NC since Jan 6th. I told her that day not to contact me at all in anyway for the next two weeks or else I'm gonna take that as a sign that she isn't sure what she wants. We actually broke up 3 weeks into dec. and she would call me every other day and give mixed messages so I asked her to meet me in person on Jan 6th and tell me exactly how it is. After that convo I told her I don't want to hear from her for 2 weeks and then after that only call me if you have something important to say. Don't call me just to see how I'm doing.


I just feel like how come she hasn't called me now since she called me before right after we broke up? Is she over me already? Doesn't she miss me like how i miss her? I've been fighting the urge to call her since the 6th! Is all hope lost now?


I know I should move on and not wait for her to call me and that I'm only hurting myself if I keep thinking like this but it just hard not to wonder how come she hasn't.

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