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Girlfriend is 4 days late. Yet we never had sex, she is a little worried about it as am i. she took plan B two months ago and we think it may be screwing with her cycle but not sure. We did not have sex, so i just dont understand, she always finishes on me so there is no way that could have been true semen, the only way it could be anything was pre cum, but i didnt enter her. Why am i so paranoid? She has felt nausea the last two days so of course i think its morning sickness, yet she sometimes gets sick before her period.


Im damn confused.



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Hey there,


I just went back and looked over your previous threads and this is not a new issue for your and your girlfriend. I am confused as to why you both continue to play with fire, that you don't use birth control. I know you mentioned using condoms but they can break as you know. It is good to have a backup.


If she is young and has not had her period long, then her cycles may not be regular yet. Why not take a pregancy test to find out for sure? Worrying sick about it is not doing you both any good if you do not know for sure. And if she is "late" then she is able to take a test.


If she is worried about her parents finding out birth control, or feels she cannot afford it, then she can go to Planned Parenthood. Check the Yellow Pages. It is confidential and they usually match and birth control is very affordable. I urge you both to check into it.

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I went back and read your threads too. You have alot of issues with being afraid of your bf getting pregnant- which makes me think that either it's time to hold off on sex until you ARE ready- or you need to get on some additional methods of birth control- condoms EVERY time, and the pill or patch as well. I see in November that you had decided to hold off on sex for 'a long time'- is that still the case?


There is a way to avoid all of this stress.


I'm curious why you think that if you have not even had sex recently, why you think she might be pregnant?

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I know i have had this in the past,and thats why i was worried about posting it, i don't know why i am always so worried, but she said she was worried also. Latley she has been a month cycle like November 19-December 19. But for some reason she thought she would get it before that because her cycle was never that long before we took PLAN B. So i dont know, she has been feeling nausea. I just read all these posts about pre-cum and stuff that get girl pregnant even from mutual masturbation. I mean i am always careful, but the risk just blows my mind, ever since that one time the condom broke i have been kind of paranoid.WE have NOT had sex, in like 3 months, and dont plan too, than am i freaking out over nothing, because we have just had oral, and fingering? I dunno.


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Yes, she can get pregnant from pre cum... you don't actually have to have your penis inserted in her but are near the opening, or she gets it on her hands then touches herself etc. sperm can be great little swimmers, and it doesn't take much, unfortunately.


Have her take a home pregnancy test, and then go to the doctor to get some reliable birth control... nothing is foolproof, but some methods are better than others.

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