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Why do I feel jealous of other girls that go near him?

Mysterious Gurl

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Hey all,


I'm new to the whole relationship/dating thing. I love and trust my boyfriend very much and he loves and trusts me.


We talk every single day on MSN, text, phone and we visit each other every other weekend. I'm going to seem him this Friday and returning to my home town on Sunday.


The thing is, I don't like it when women talk to him or when his mates come oud with their girlfriends, I get this jealous feeling?? I don't know why though!


It's like I'm pretty good friends with his guy mates, we chat on MSN but I feel so jealous when theres other women about, either with my boyfriend or my mates. I feel terrible and I don't know if it's a natural feeling.


Can anyone else relate? Or tell me how I can make this feeling go away?


I feel really bad.


Miya x

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Well jealousy is natural. But it's also something we should strive to abandon. If you are not on a day-to-day, face to face basis with your guy, then of course you are going to worry.

I think you understand that you have to trust your man and understand that if you are attracted to him, others will be also.


Does your guy seem like the type to push a girl away who throws herself at him? Then you have nothing to worry about. Allow your trust to grow and your relationship will too.

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I used to be a very jealous person at your age...and like you...there was no

"good" reason for it. I really think it was because I was not comfortable with who I was yet. At your age there is a LOT of pressure to be "pretty" or popular and those things can be intimidating if you haven't had a lot of experience. You ahve not had to experience any great loss yet..and I think it's normal to cling to things, or be possessive of them fearing the day that you do. So to answer your question...yes, I think it's normal.....at your age.

If you were MY age I would think you had some major insecurity issues.


Give yourself some time and experience. You'll find that these feelings will probably fade out.


Best of luck!!!

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I think sometimes it is just inevitable. Are you secure in yourself? When I was younger I sometimes felt like that but that was before I knew who I was mentally. It is good you are aware of this but try not to let it take control of your time with him. Have you discussed this with him?? Are they hanging on him when you are there?? Well I hope everything works out and try not to let it take control of you.

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Your trust for him being faithful to you might be in question here, this is probably why you're jealous. You know you're faithful to your boyfriend while texting other guys, so it's no problem to you; but you'll never know 100% your boyfriends intentions, as much as you wish you could; only he does.


Talk to your boyfriend about it. Open communication is very good in a relationship! It's really needed to keep one alive! Tell him exactly how you feel, and if he likes you enough, he'll obviously understand, and look into ways to help soften the blow of this feeling you have for him.

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