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Was I too rude?

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Hi - I have been in an on-off not-so-great relationship where I developed severe trust issues with this guy. He brings out the worst in me - even when he is doing NOTHING. Yesterday he tried to wind me up in public and my reaction was over-the-top. I screamed at him in front of all his mates. He then called me and told me that I was WAY out of line and wants me to keep my distance. He refuses to speak to me or accept my apology.


Can I do anything? As I said, the relationship was rubbish and just destructive - yet all I can think of is how RUDE I was....

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Yes, you could take what he said seriously and research "anger management" on the Internet. You could also speak with a counselor.

It may take a few weeks, but if you learn what you can in that time, you'll have something real to present to him. I'm suspecting he wants more than your promise to change.


Also, something to consider: it is possible he is not the right guy for you.

Perhaps being with someone who sets you off appeals to you in some way. Maybe it makes you feel strong - maybe it makes you feel safe.

Relationships should strive to be free of arguing and fights. If this is not a goal in your mind, then it gives leeway to your emotions.


Decide what is more important - getting a grip on your anger or accepting that being single might be best now.


Hope it all works out.

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