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It's been 8 months - he's with someone new but still calls

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HI everyone. I hope someone out there can give me some advise. Believe me, I probably know what the right thing to do is but I just dont' wanna believe it. Anyway, my ex and i broke up eight months ago. We stayed friends and even though he was dating someone else, he still would come see me---we even went so far as to go get tattoos together---my first one and is third one and no they weren't matching but it was just something i had talked about doing since we got together so we finally went. I enjoy being with him even if it's just as friends. His new woman, however, is pregnant and due in January and is jealous of us being friends---in a way i can't blame her cus even his sister said he isn't into just ONE girl that she's sure there are more. Problem is, that although we are still friends and still talk on the phone, I still love him incredibly. It doesn't help when he calls me telling me he loves me and he misses me either. He even went so far as to tell me the exact location where he is working and that he will be coming to see me very soon now that he has moved to be closer to his job and family (as well as that makes him closer to me). It feels as if everytime i begin to get on with my life he comes waltzing back into it like this again and throws me all off track. Yes, I love him but i don't neccessarily want him back, yet I feel that by me still loving him it's preventing me from loving someone else. What do you readers think? I know i will always love him and do anything within limits for him, but it hurts when he calls sometimes. I have a gut feelilng that when i move on is the time he will come back and he is telling his sister that he misses me, etc, yet i have always heard if u love it set it free if it comes back it's yours forever. I know if i move on and in the future we end up getting back together after having grown from the past then it was meant to be, but does anyone out there have any advise for me. Sometimes this still hurts so bad i wanna cry and all i want is a hug from him even though i know that sounds pathetic. Someone out there please give me advise. Thanks and i know i should probably listen to myself on a lot of things too.

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Yes you are right youanwered all of your own questoins.

He is calling youat just the right time to prevent you from falling for someone new. HE is making you his permanant back up plan, which sucks b/c I have been someones back up plan too!


Just try to continue move on with your life, you need to wait until he can be with only one woman. which he can not since he now has a "babies mama". I would try to move on , he should try to make things work with his new family.

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