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Girlfriend help!!!!!!

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I just asked out this girl she is really Hot and right away she said Yes!. she is 16 she never had a boyfriend we are both sophomores in HS and i had many Girlfriends but for some reason i am just not the same around her as i was with all my other girlfriends i am freaking out its like i don't know how to act when i am with her i mean like i don't know how to treat her i don't know what is wrong, its weird, she said she doesn't want to kiss in school because it would be too awkward and i agreed with her but really don't think so i think it is fine 2 kiss in school. i just don't want to make her feel like i am just going out with her for one reason and i am not so please can you give me tips idk what to do............ i need tips on how i should act around a girl that never had a boy friend and stuff like that like how i should treat her thanks please answer this question thanks alot

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ooo... pretty exciting stuff!!! Well lets start off with making sure you keep her wishes in mind... if she doesnt want you guys kissing in school, than its probably not a good idea to do it


But, as for how to act, you REALLY need to act like yourself !!(cliche I KNOW!!) But its soooo true.. She is agreeing to date you (I assume thats what you guys are doing) so its important to establish SOMETHING!!! If you guys just started driving its a perfect oppurtunity to start to do things without parental involvement!! (and I'm not even talking about sex )


But now you guys can go to the movies together, bowling, minigolfing, skydiving (just kidding~) But ya, now you can start to do fun stuff with her!!! (fun AND romantic, a winnign combination I've been told)


Either way, be yourself, and I'm sure things will work out

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i suggest that you take her out on a date and start off slow...cuz rushing things can scare the girl.. im a 22 year old female and well i was like the girl u admire too.. i can help u...just ask


ok if ur like her then when im with her like what is she thinking she seems like she is so happy but then again she doesn't hold my hand basically all we do is hug

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