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my parents dont agree about him in bed with me...HELP!!!!!

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I have a boyfriend, who i REALLY really love, more than nething else in the world, i'd do nething for him, i'd die for him, and i know he feels the same way about me.

we love it wen we get into bed together, and can be as close as possible, making each other happy. i love being in his arms, and being close to him, and feeling him inside me etc etc. thats wen i'm at my happiest.

up till now my parents have been fine about it. they dont know we're having sex. we use proper contraception, i'm on the pill and we use condoms. my mum sed casually that she doesnt want me to get pregnant, altho she hasnt twigged we're makin love yet.

basically, they arent allowing me 2 close the door wen we're together, like they used to. we cant possibly get ne time alone 2gether. wen mi parents told me how they felt about this, i tried to respect them, i sed i understood how they were feeling, and i tried to look as if it didnt matter. but it does. they really dont understand how I'M feeling. my dad seemed to think sumthin was rong wen they told me this. i sed there wasnt.

i know this doesnt seem like a big deal, but it is to me and i cant eat. the food just wont go down. i aint eaten in about a week, except for chocolate on 2-3 days. i'm getting thin, and losing weight, and getting spots. mi parents know summin is up, but i cant tell them because they'll think i'm being immature and stupid, and i really DO respect their decision, and c wat they mean.

so what shall i do? i dont feel hungry, i dunno how i eva cud again, as i cant tuch him. they snap at me if i even hold his hand in front of them for gods sake.

please help me. sorry this is so long. i just had to explain mi situation.

thanx for ne replies.



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Not to be nosy, but if you're living at home, I'm assuming you're still rather young. I don't think your parents' request is unreasonable at all, I'd certainly tell my kid the same thing, if I had one. If they're letting him sleep over at all, you have an advantage over most girls I know, and an advantage I certainly never had! They're not being unreasonable, but you have to respect their wishes and the reasons they don't want this to happen.....you're their little girl, they don't want you having sex under their roof right down the hall from them! Be a little considerate of their feelings instead of just thinking how it's making YOU feel. If your boyfriend is a gentleman, he will understand and respect your parents' request as well, and wait for you.

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if this is really bothering u then here r sum options...talk 2 them...explain ur love 4 eachother, dun even bring up that u r havin sex, say u juss like 2 lay n cuddle w/ him, u can cuddle n hold hands by goin out, n if u or him can drive, stay at a hotel n juss enjoy ur bodys touchin n makin love or cant u go 2 his house 4 it 2?

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