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Help Please or just nice words

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My ex's mum contacted my mum and wanted to meet up. My mum politely declined saying how it would be too awkward and she was looking out for my best interests - i.e. she would find out what my ex has been up to ...b/friends etc. I had no knowledge of this and I understand my mums good intentions but I can't help thinking it might upset my ex's parents they were like a 2nd family to me, also I dont want to come accross like i am bitter and shutting out both her and her family (I'm currently in NC). Help !

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Don't worry about it. I've had times in previous breakups where I was worried about what Person X might have said to either my ex or their close family/friends. It doesn't matter. Whatever they do is not you and you just need to focus on what you're doing and saying...anything anyone else does is out of your hands.


Given this specific scenario I wouldn't be at all concerned. Your parents obviously care about you and that's the important thing...they're showing they care. Your ex's parents will understand and you don't look bad at all. Just let it go for now and focus on you.

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