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I went to a gay club with friends & WOW!

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Last night a friend of mines who is gay asked me if I wanted to go to a gay club with him and his friends. At first I was a little worried since I've never been to one but it was Saturday night and I was bored so I said why not.For awhile I've been sick and I felt better that day so that was good too!We got there and I was a little nervous so one of his friends who was over 21 got us some drinks.I was surprised to see that there were so many cute guys there, more specifically the ones that are my type. It was a variety of guys, effemenite guys and masculine guys. I'm more into the masculine type so I was surprised to see guys in there who looked like an average str8 guy.


After awhile I got comfortable and I started dancing with guys! I haven't had this much fun in a LONG LOOOOOONG time and it was needed because I'm so much of the loner type and I stepped out of my box. Plus for the first time in a long time, I felt comfortable being around people that were like me.I didn't feel as isolated as I did for so long. Plus there were guys that were dancing with me and asking for my number. I gave them my number but I know it's more of a hook-up type thing and I'm not into those.Maybe friendship can come out of them hopefully.


LOL! I think I'm addicted and I want to go every weekend now. I think maybe this was what my dream was trying to tell me. You can look on the health section under my post to see what I'm talking about.I think my dream was telling me to venture out more and do more things and I'll feel more free!


My problem is that I'm not outgoing and I need to be more outgoing.

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I am glad you had fun KIDD, and tried something new! That is certainly a great way to start the new year


I have gone to gay clubs a few times, and must say I have a much better time at them then the straight ones, because the music tends to be better, the dancing better, and the atmosphere overall 1,000 times better!


My brother used to be rather addicted to going too, as he always had so much fun and it was a great place for him to meet men and feel safe approaching them. Now he is in a long term relationship and they don't go as often, but they do hit the club together now and then.

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I am glad you had fun KIDD, and tried something new! That is certainly a great way to start the new year


I have gone to gay clubs a few times, and must say I have a much better time at them then the straight ones, because the music tends to be better, the dancing better, and the atmosphere overall 1,000 times better!


I've never been to a straight one and I don't think I will lol. 2007 is really starting off good. I've met two gay people in my area through myspace and they're both really cool.I also have a co-worker at my job who is bisexual so I can always talk to her about things as well. One of my gay friends was the one to encourage me to go to a gay club but I always backed down in fear. But last night I said what the heck, I'm just going to try to have fun and live life more.


LOL it's funny that you enjoy the gay clubs better than the straight clubs Raykay.My first experience was fun, I got to be myself and I think that's what really excited me. I didn't have to put on an act like I usually do.I also met two other great friends through another guy. So I think finding other gay friends is what I really need!

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I'm glad that you had a good time and felt like you could be yourself. I have only been to an all women's club (the same one a few times when I lived in Seattle) and it seemed there were too many butch women in there for my liking. LOL But, I have heard the gay clubs with men are more fun.

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I haven't had this much fun in a LONG LOOOOOONG time and it was needed because I'm so much of the loner type and I stepped out of my box


Ah the joy of the gay-club-virgin! I remember those days... magical... until it all falls apart of course... Its all about learning and use this an example about how getting out there and trying new things is one of the most rewarding parts of life.


Sounds like you have a good group of friends, which is really the most important thing for any gay boy new to the scene.

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Why is everyone attracted to masculine guys these days? Urgh. I find straight-like men annoying. And I like someone to have completely different interests to me. Otherwise I'd just spend all my time competing with the other guy (my motorbike is better than yours! I'm a better rock climber than you! My pecs are better than yours!)... I'm waaaaaay to competitive to date a guy similar to myself.


I prefer camp bottom boys all the way!

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Here's a piece of advice for everyone: just be yourself! SO many guys try to butch it up when its just not their nature, maybe because they think in order to attract the type of guy they are into, they have to behave in a certain way. I see so many personal ads saying "str8 acting, looking for same"...but wait a minute, if you su*k d*ck, that's not exactly "str8 acting"--so what the hell does that actually mean? That you are looking for someone to arm wrestle and ogle women with? LOL.


KIDD, welcome to the gay scene! Have fun, play safe, and here's an inspirational quote:


"Work like you don't need money,

Love like you've never been hurt,

And dance like no one's watching."

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Oh my god KIDD I am so happy for you!


Oy, I can remember the first time I went to a gay club with my boyfriend...I was so freaking NERVOUS! But I had so much fun. I've gone back once or twice, but the club scene really isn't my thing...


Anyway, have fun but don't get too caught up in that whole scene, if you know what I mean. Yeah, there are guys there just having fun. But there are others that just want to nail anything with a pulse...


Also, as for the debate on effeminacy in gay male culture, I guess this will be a hot topic for ages. Presently, I am in a relationship with a "masculine" guy being that he is a Tennis player and likes sports...however, he can be sort of nelly when he isn't minding his p's and q's...lol. I am sorta turned off by guys who are TOO straight acting now...I don't know. I guess it is because I hate alpha male machismo. There is no tenderness in that. I like a guy who is more masculine then fem though. But not too macho.

I am somewhere between the spectrum myself...


Anyway, I am so glad you had fun dude. Because you had such a hard time last year...Just have fun and don't look for love in the clubs!

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I love gay bars/clubs.


I have a few gay friends, mainly guys, who look, sound and act like your stereotypical gay guy, and we hang out all the time - especially after shopping or something - in gay bars and just chill.


For me, it's absolutely perfect if I don't want to be hit on by guys. Infact, I never really need to think about being hit on by girls either since I look the picture of straight. It's a pain in the * * * sometimes cos it's like girls just presume I wont have any interest (which is just not true) and so don't show any themselves.


Maybe I'll start wearing a tag...

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It was a fun experience!! Things are turning around for me and 2007 is starting off good.I'm not going to get carried away with going and I know what clubs are all about basically. I just like to go because it's fun and entertaining.


Now that I have at least 3 good gay friends that I'm really cool with that live in my area, I don't feel so alone and isolated as I did and that helps soooo much!They're in the process of trying to find me a boyfriend now but I really don't want one at the moment. I kinda like the single life unlike before, I wanted one so bad. Now I'm just focusing on me and if the right guy comes, he'll come I suppose.I'm only 20 years old so I have plenty of time to find someone. What's sorta funny is now 2 of my friends hooked up so they're together now. When we all went to the club, they didn't seem to like each other. Now they can't keep their hands off each other lol. They're so cute together, sorta makes me want one again LOL.


Now this Friday one of my friends are throwing a birthday party on Friday so I'm going. It just feels so good to actually be invited to parties,clubs & hanging with people I can actually be comfortable with.Funny how most of the friends I had last year around this time are no where around & now I have a completely new set of friends. Funny what all can change in a year!

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you know KIDD, I don't know who you are, not got a clue. You're just some random dude from the net, but reading your last post there made me smile.


That sounds like such a positive attitude to have. I wish more people shared it. Particularly myself in the part about when the right person comes along, they will. I never believe that.


And as weird as this may sound, I'm really happy that you're happy. Like I said, I don't know you, but your post made me happy, and that cant be a bad thing, right?



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IntoTheFire - I'm glad to have put a smile on your face! I'm really just happy because now I'm really at peace. For a long time, I've been depressed and miserable because I felt like I was alone in the world.You can read my past posts to see where I'm coming from. You don't have to read them if you want lol it seems like things are coming together, I'm starting school finally in the summer. I'm going to get my drivers license soon, I know I'm late lol. I'm going to get out of this procrastination of doing things.


I think what actually really helped me is reconnecting my life back to god which I did 2 months ago.At the time,I was very alone and depressed to the point where I felt like I actually had nothing to live for.Since it seemed like my life was miserable and going no where at the time, I started to actually pray and cry out for god to help me. I actually started building a relationship with him again and it seemed like the more I talked and spent time with him, the better I felt and the more positive things started happening! I stopped feeling depressed and I made new friends. For a long time I had turned my back on god and that was my biggest mistake!I actually feel comfortable being alone, I just feel so great now, can't explain it really.


LOL, I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm sorry to go into my life story. But I really have faith in god now and without him, we're nothing.The devil likes lonely miserable people because that's his way of making you doubt god like he made me doubt him. He'll trap you into this negative darkness. Oh boy lol, let me stop before I start preaching. Time for bed LOL!

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I will go back and read your past posts now, and compare them to the ones you're posting tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes


Tell me about the procrastination thing. I am really bad for it too. I plan like there's no tomorrow, work out an entire day of stuff I gotta do, but tv, internet, music etc always always gets in the way of stupid stuff as small as going to get some photos developed or picking up something I need. I gotta stop it too.

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