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Hi. There's this girl that i know who i really, really love. Only problem is i can't tell if the feeling is mutual!! Every time i'm around her she always laughs at my jokes and we always seem to get along quite well, great i think! But there is a kind of reclusive way about her that i just don't understand, i don't think shes avoiding me because like i say we get along great!!! But is she just being polite?? Or does she want to move up a gear??. Trust me i'd move mountans for this girl So any advice on body language etc would be greatly appreciated!!



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Depending on how long you've known her and how comfortable you two are around each other, you may just need to ask her out on a casual date. It's not always easy to tell if someone is attracted to you. She may be thinking of the same about you. When you talk to her does she look directly into your eyes or do they wander? How long have you known her and have you gone out with her with friends? With things like this the only way your really going to know if she's interested in you is to ask her out. At least this way you'll know.

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i'd say i've known her for about 4 months. We seem to be getting on really well!! I think shes comfortabul around me and she maintains eye contact with me when i talk but we dont have hugh blown out conversaitions though just a friendly 15 min's chat kind of thing. She never fidgets, sighs or roles her eyes or that kind of thing when i'm talking with her the same as when i leave she's not begging me to stay and chat to her (actually thats a tad extreeme but i'm shure you get my meaning).


Any advice 4evernight??

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Couldn't have said it better myself. Ask her to a movie, to go for a walk, anything simple. If she says yes, you can pat yourself on the back for taking the chance. If she says no, then you can STILL pat yourself on the back for taking the chance, and no harm done, you'll still be friends.

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go for it, sounds like a good friendship, no harm in asking if she wants it to happen then it will. This is probably an ideal possition to be in, most ppl always get it a little more awkwardly than this. if you ask her out she sais yes, hells a poppin' if she sais no, at least you know you can look else were w\o offending her. =}

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