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SO i broke up with my ex back in october, it took some time and i got over everything and have been happy for a few months now. A month ago i got into a relationship with my friend who ive known for years and went out with 5 years ago, but we were young and it didnt work, so we are trying again.


Thing is when iwas with my ex, we booked a gig to go and when we broke up we agreed to go. But now things have changed we have both moved on and im starting getting these funny feelings about her again. And all becuase im dreading going to this gig. (gig is NEXT sunday 21st). So im just scared of seeing her again and then perhaps falling for her again and being stuck. I wont act on it, just it will mess my head up so bad and i will be really down.


My friends have said "just dont go" . . . but its kinda the last thing we arranged to do before we broke up and i also love the person playing (imogen heap) . . . i do believe me and my new girlfriend have a future as she is amazing and i think the world of her. But im scared of digging up the past and getting upset.


Any advice on what i should do. As i am stumped and its getting me down. Thanks xx

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it seems you might not be ready to do this, but don't stand her up, let her know if you will be unable to go. who broke up with who?


She ended with me, then carried on telling me she loved me and kissing/etc. I was stuck with her becuase of hope. I was hoping we would get back together and let this carry on, i was getting messed around, told she loved me and that we "feel right" together, then told that we she dosnt want to be with me. My head was so messed up.


I will be strong enough to go and not show any feelings, but its the mental pain im worried about.

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