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I DID NOT need to know about this...

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I've posted here many times before about Breaking up with my ex a little over a month ago basically over him just being inconsiderate, not communicating, not willing to compromise etc.


Its been really hard but I've been doing ok and keeping busy and meeting other guys etc. My ex and I have still kept in touch a bit, he seems like he cares about knowing how I'm doing and what I've been up to. Not a lot of contact, but a little bit.


Anyways, here it goes: Out of my own stupidity I did some snooping cause there is a website that I know he goes on all the time. I read his posts and I found that 1) he is dating someone else and I think she has a kid 2) he had a threesome with her and some other chick !!!!


And he also talked about me and said he was stupid for breaking up with me.


I feel SICK to my stomach! I wish I didn't read that...I've blocked him from messaging me, but he's going to notice and wonder why. And as if I would tell him that I was checking up on him! Man, I am so stupid, I was doing fine before and now this ??

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It sounds to me like he is still selfish and inconsiderate and he is now dating a woman who is no prize and has no self-esteem. She just started dating him and is engaging in a threesome...and she has a child. If she has a daughter, I wonder if she would extol the virtues of threesomes with her daughter and encourage her to behave the same way. This guy may regret breaking up with you, but you shouldn't regret breaking up with him...he is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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Yeah you're right. If I had any thoughts of ever getting back together with him before, I definitely don't anymore! I've been curious lately about whether he is seeing some now and I started snooping cause I really wanted to know. And sure enough, this is what I found out only much worse! Serves me right I guess for doing that in the first place !


And to make it even worse, he messaged me that night too! Like right after it happened (I can read the time and dates of his posts). So he went out and did that and came home and thought of me right after ?? What a freak job!


I am so disgusted with him. Definitely changed my opinion or feelings for him that's for sure. Not the person I thought I knew !

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