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I dont want it to be over, but its my fault.


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Sorry its so long! I've been with this guy for a month now. Previous to this relationship, I suppose I was slightly scandalous. While I was only sleeping with one guy for the past three months, I was always hooking up with other people. The guy I was sleeping with was just sex and that was agreed. When I met this guy everything changed. For the first time in two years I wanted to commit. I asked him out. I knew that what had happened in the past would come up so I told everything about the past and what it meant as well as my present relationships with these people, most of whom are still my friends. He never seemed to care except about the guy that I had been sleeping with. I made sure to tell my boyfriend every conversation that I had with him so that he knew nothing was still going on. One day he came to my house while he should have been at work. He seemed really strange. He told me that one of his buddies had called him up and told him that I had cheated on him with this guy he knew. It turned out that I had met this guy while we were together but nothing had actually happened, nothing would have either. He was in fact one of my friends ex-boyfriends and current friend which is why we even hung out. So after explaining this, my boyfriend let it go. I spent the next night with one of my guy friends and told my boyfriend so, and he knows we're nothing more than friends. In the morning my friend dropped me of in our village and two more of my buddies picked me up. (one just got his license, the other was the one I had been sleeping with up until my boyfriend. ) he told me that the day that my boyfriend had come to ask me about the other guy that he thought I had cheated with, my boy had stopped by his house to ask him whether he and I had slept together since we had been together. I called him up and dumped him immediately. i mean I know I'm falling in love with him but he never asked me if there was anything, I told him everything, and he never even mentioned stopping by at this guys house. I dont believe in relationships without trust. I was a complete wreck, he found me, I brushed him off so now he wont talk to me. I really want to be with him but clearly he doesnt understand that and now I'm afraid I lost him for good. What should I do?

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Just flip the script in the story you wrote and I think you will know why your ex did what he did. There are basic rules in relationships and lines that shouldn't be crossed. The fact of the matter is that things that were cool when you two were friends are not always cool once a committed relationship has begun. And even though you may think it is unfair, it serves to keep drama down, and when people come back with stories and tall-tales, it isn't even an issue. True enough, it was wrong for your boyfriend to go behind your back looking for trouble, but sometimes people do stupid things to try to avoid being hurt. To be honest, if it only happened once, you need to go get the man you love and forgive and forget. Just make sure that things like that don't happen in the future and keep other people out of your relationship! People love to see you fail, remember that. Good Luck.

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