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Girl likes me and it's getting out of hand...


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I wouldnt normally feel like this, hell I find it flattering when people like me but this is getting out of hand.


This girl likes me who is my ex's friend. Well, not really. She thought she was my ex's friend but my ex actually hated her. Anyway she met me twice in the summer and both times she barely even talked to me. Then she got my email address by begging my gf (at the time) to give it to her. And when I say begged, I mean literally begged. She called her over and over to get it.


I wouldnt have any problems with this so far, but then things started getting a little odd. We talked for 5 min's on msn and she went back and talked to her friends about every little detail. Then she told me the next week that she loved me. Does anybody else think that was a little bit overboard?


Anyway, for the next 3 months it was like that, her continuing to tell me that she loved me every few weeks, even though she wasnt really talking to me, it was just over msn. Then my ex broke up with me and started being a total b*tch to me by swearing at me and stuff (but thats another story).


But I could deal with it still. Anyway this girl obviously took this as a chance to "be there for me". And thats basically wat its been for 2 months (still only contact was once in a while over msn).


Annoying thing is, every time i didnt sign in for a few days shed send a paranoid email because she thought id blocked her.


Then it came up again. She said she loved me, and she told all her friends she did too. I told her "look i just dont feel the same way". She was sad but she started to accept it.

Then two weeks ago she said "i lvoe you and i never stopped loving you".


Then, she wrote a song about me. She wants to sing it for me.


What do i do? I feel terrible if i block her and anyway shed call me if i did that. Ive only seen her in person twice in my life, and we barely talked. The way she talks to her friends and to me its like she thinks im her boyfriend. One time she was talking to her friends about a party that happened, and she said "oh yeah that party was cool. the we stayed up so late and of course, it was where Keith (my name) and I met". What to do... Or am i just overreacting?

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