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When is the right time to ask what he wants from his relationship?

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I've been dating this guy for a month now. I'm so attracted to him since day one.. so we've been intimate faster than my previous experience (i used to do it until we'd been exclusive).


The thing is that confusing me..he barely calls me. We mostly only chat on IM. He sent me txt messages quite often before, but since he knew i never response at work, then now he stops giving me one. He calls only if we're going to get together on that specific day for a few minutes.


My friend told me that I should ask him about what he wants in his relationship since we have been intimate. I should be able to ask anything to him freely. At least I won't keep wondering and wasting my time if he didn't want a serious relationship.


But on the other hand, we've just been dating for a month. I don't know if I should talk about this this early? Would this conversation scare him away?


I read some posts about dating/relationship/fling...

Now i start wondering if he actually wants/interested in me just for having sex...and thought I am just his fling? [he told his friends we're dating though] but,,,i don't know...im confused.

Should I ask?


Opinion please....





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If hes not completely open, then its a fling. Im a guy, and I've done this. Delayed responses, not calling, not really caring much.


But you can play it in reverse aswell. If it seems to him that you are losing interest, then it works wonders on his mentality.


But generally, no longterm relationship possible.

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Hi again babybees,


I... myself, personally think that a month, a year, or even a few days...


It is never too soon to be honest, or better... forthright, as long as it can be accomplished gracefully, and in a way that is in consideration of the other significant people in your life.


Even if this were only a very casual relationship, on any level really; isn't honesty usually the best policy?


Even say, on a level or basis like, between you and your boss... a co-worker, the nice person next door or at the grocery store.


Best wishes,



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