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Is Anybody Out There?

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Well I'm home alone sort of.

I was wanting to go out, but for some reason this forum is so interesting tonight.


Sorry that you feel alone.

Want to share dream theories to pass the time? My friend says that dreams are pieces of your day that were never resolved. But what about those weird dreams that don't relate to your day? Like I had a crazy dream about my ex and I wonder if in some weird way...we were thinking of the same thing for a moment?


I remember another ex had told me that one morning he had a dream about me...and wouldn't you know it...I had a similar dream about him too.

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Hi there Sandy!!! here's a big (((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))) for you on Saturday night.


Going out isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway. Nothing better than spending some quiet quality time with friends.


I had a good day today. I went to the fleamarket with my mom, and just enjoyed the day hanging out. I bought a really cute sundress.....and some cute shoes....now I'm all happy


I DO highly recommend getting out of the house and enjoying yourself..even for a few hours. It really DOES help.

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yes go out Sandy, it really does make you feel so much better I went to the Gym today and got a facial and boy did that feel good ! i even took a nap in the afternoon and i never do that! i am glad i can finally sleep! now i am looking forward to watching a movie and just relaxing the rest of the evening... for some reason, its freezing here in Cali! lol

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It is Christy, short of a physciatrist, (not sure of the spelling right now) this is much more economical, not only that, people are for real, so its very good..... And yes I'm always lurking around, except at work, but I'm on after that.... I'm here for you too and anyone else who needs encouragement for sure..... we all do sometimes...

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