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Shy guy ways to get close to a girl


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Does it make sense that if a guy is shy he will look for excuses to do things with you in order to safely connect? Like this guy I work with is always coming over to ask me to help him set up the lunches in the conference room. He seems like he really likes working with me and we have a really comfortable vibe going on. He stands near me and when he talks to me he faces me full on and looks me right in the eye. Unfortunately, we don't talk about anything too deep, he mainly sticks to work and the organizational structure of the lunches. Truth is,he could ask anyone to help him or even do it himself.Is he just shy?should I give him the benefit of the doubt that this is his process in trying to connect with me? Do shy guys do these kinds of things?

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Shy guys generally try to do what they can, with any chance, to talk with a girl they like. If is true what your saying and he is just asking, than that is a good sign. Do you notice any odd body langauge though? Is he nervous around you at times, does he seem embarrassed at any points? This can also be a good indicator. See if you can't notice any of these signs.

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