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Fortune Telling and Psychic Reading


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Im catholic, and i as just wondering......is fortune telling and psychic readings against the catholic religion. I kno that astrology is in a way against the religion, burt only if it is used as a basis of life. If any one has info on whether or not these are against the religion i would appreciate it.

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Wasup Colls !


I dont know about Catholics, but I can say that in jewdaism. All those books about ghosts and bringing people from the dead and all that stuff is forbiden. Becasue its not part of the Torah and the studies of the Torah.


basically if its not books that teach the Bible , or give interpritations about the Bible. Its bad and Evil.


But If you like it , read it. Unless you feel that it harms you religiously.


Good luck !


"Here Is No God S.T.A." - Aborym

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that WAS rather rude, iamlearning......that's like saying, from what you posted that you, as a *insert religion here* are bigoted and opinionated. Cut people a little slack and don't be so judgemental and critical of something they believe strongly (or even not so strongly) in.


To answer your question, I've never heard that particular question before. Not being Catholic though, I'm not surprised. Since it doesn't come up as a "sin" though, I'd imagine not. I just wouldn't base too much on what you heard from any tarot reader or psychic, since the ones you find in your average strip mall are just clever con artists.

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I think that fortune telling would be outside of religious matters, not necesarily against religious matters just outside of them. I feel that fortune-telling is more like the early pagans did to figure out -- guess or intuit -- the future.


Thus it isn't really against the religion, just outside of the religion, it isn't really a sin, in other words.


WE aren't closed minded, just old-fashioned, traditional, conservative. Maybe that spells close minded to some. The truth is that our religion is very clearly based upon doing good to yourself and others, and along with confession, which most religions don't have, it allows us to be introspective and to draw on our own views more so that others who must play follow the leader of the next cause.


Our religion has a moral objective that is centuries old. Do as to others as you would have them do unto you, if most children learned this in their every day life, I feel that things would be a little easier in the future. There I just made a prediction, didn't I?

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Hi Cool,

Its interesting you ask that question. I thought I was the only one posting stuff about psychic´s.

Well, I am catholic too. Though I don´t go to church every Sunday but I have a lot of faith in God and do believe in prayer. I also have a lot of friends that are Christians, some are totally fanatic and others are more mild. All in all I can tell you this much from what I have learned from then as to what they believe.

Christian religions, wether that be catholism, or Lutheran, or Jehova´s witness do not condone consulting psychys and the like. The bible strictly prohibits it. According to the Bible it seems that psychic´s get their info from demonic energies. I am sure a more devoted Christian can and will explain this better if they haven´t already by the time I post this answer. I am sure my friend Genesis will answer this post. She once game me a really great answer to a question I had about what a psychic told me once. You should look for this link under my profile. You may find it helpful.

From my own experience, in having cosult phsychic´s and the like since my ex dumped me and before is to try to stay away from them. I have no moral authority to tell you this as I have done it myself but I can tell you that for me it has caused me more problems and remorse than anything.

I think many times when we consult phychics we are kind of lost in our lives. Sometimes we just do it for fun, but at other times we really do need some direction and wonder what our future holds. Many times also we just don´t want to face the present, and just want to somehow know about the future. We may not realize this at the time we do it, but we do it because it is easier to think that everything will work out a particular way in the future than to actually face the uncomfortable feelings we may have in our immediate reality.

If I could take back consulting the psychics I did I would. I feel that ever since I went looking for answers there I opened a pandora´s box or something. There is such a thing called "subjective validation" this is when we see connections or patterns that are not really there. This is very dangerous stuff. Cause maybe things the psychic said are not really so, but the mind is kind of tricky, and you may end up believing stuff. Also sometimes they say general things and you feel it really has to do with you. I will send something in a bit maybe as a different posting so you see what I mean.


Even though I have done all this research and I am an educated person and have faith in God, it has been really hard, as stupid as it sound to shake what the psychic predicted. And let me tell you, I do not necessarily like what she had to say. Some people are more suggestible than others. Unfortunately at the moment I went, I was very vulnerable. Some of the things the psychic said seem to have taken place, or maybe I even acted in a way that created or pushed towards those situation. At this point I don´t know but somewhere feel kinda cursed or something. At this point I don´t know if I am following some script written by the psychic or if what she said is really materializing. This is a stupid, mind buggling and not good situation to be in. Again, I am a sane, mature, educated, mentally stable adult person and find myself having a hard time with this. Rationally I know what is true, but somethings have happened so, I find it hard to convince my self completely. That just shows you how dangerous this psychic stuff could be. Don´t let this doubts in your head. The good ones, have really good psychological skills and actually could make you believe some stuff or doubt stuff you rather not.


Make your own destiny. It is in your hand. Life day by day don´t be afraid to. You do have control of what God, or life or your higher power or the Universe, or what ever you want to believe in puts on your plate. You have been given attitudes, skills, feelings, intelligence and other internal resources and wonderful people around you to takle things day by day. The future is not your responsbality. Make your path as you walk.

Don´t let some idiot brain wash you into following a path that you may influenced to be ieve in. Your live and the decisions you make about it are very important. Don´t let a $5 or $72 (which was what I payed to get my head screwed with by a very skillfull person) influence your decisions. Your life is worth much more than that—so is your destiny!

Good luck


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By the way, to the poster that said catholics are closed minded:

Even though I am catholic, or should I say of catholic upbringing, I do not mind or take personally your comment about catholics being closed minded. As a catholic, or should i say as a person on my own right regardless of religious believe-- I have found many close minded people out there that are not necessarily catholic.

There are different degree to the religious ardour and commitment that people have in all different faiths, wether that be catholism, judeism, islam, or some African tribal believe. Some people are in the more fundamental ends of these faiths while other seem to make it a part of their life but not in the strict or all encompassing sense. In catholism it self there more puritan groups and more liberal ones such as the some people consider the Jesuits, for example. which seem more progressive than many other catholic groups.

Other christian religions seem to be more fundamentalist by nature such as Jehova´s witnesses or Born again christians. These believers try to stay really true to the scriptures, to many people they may seem close minded. Also orthodox jews, as supposed to less practicing jews.

How about those islamic terrorist gruops? They are not catholic but talk to any mainstream islamic, they will consider them close minded too probably.

So, please make your comments less lighty next time. I am catholic and many others out there but I do not consider my self close minded. I believe in pre marital sex and do not agree with the Pope even. So, next time don´t make staments that make you sound exactly like the idea you are criticising. Thanks.


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I myself do believe in astrology, tarot readings and speaking to the Other Side. I'll have to admit some catholics are closed minded while others are open minded. I am of an alternative Earth based religion by choice, born into catholicism and hated every bit of the way when I was young nothing jived with me what they were trying to preach, I "knew" at an early age. But didn't find out what the religion was name until I was a sophmore in High School and then full blown in College.

Some people don't seem to realize that astrology if followed or not, has great influence on life. I believe it holds alot of answers as to why things happen when people can't figure out why. (9-11 for example) Example, Mars is very close to us now, Mars in astrology is an aggressive planet by nature, it could bring on much war or on the opposite side bring creativity, vitality and passion. But hey you guys are entitled to believe in what ever you want. If it's your path and you think it is, so be it. But I believe it's your choice to choose, not be born into a religion you aren't happy with.

You have that choice.


Be Well,


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I am a government certified psychic. I am also catholic, believe in God and practice my religion. I was born with this ability, that I view as a gift from God. Just as some can play the piano without lessons, draw and paint without being shown, and other can sing without one vocal lesson. When I do a reading, i dont call upon anything but my intuition. I dont do palm readings, aura readings, and other silly stuff, and I certainly dont get my info from evil sources. Being cathoilic and having a psychic reading done, are not even related. Your reading has no religious aspects, i could care less what religion you are, I can "read" anyone, just as you wouldnt care what mine was, as long as there was accuracy. Its terrible that people that are on infomercials, and make false claims ruin it for a real psychic. A real psychic will tell you what "might" happen, never overcharge for services, because ultimately You are the one that chooses your own destiny. A psychic just reveals what roads you have. I went to Medical school and a Neurologist once told me, all a psychic is, is someone that has the ability to use parts of their brain the average person cannot, which was proven on my MRI. So you see Colls, its not against your religion, only what you do with your reading is, if you choose sins as your choice. For Example: Mr John Doe came to me for a reading. Said he was in love with another woman, other than his wife, and he wanted to leave. Colls, his reading wasn't a sin, but how he acts upon how he feels is. I hope I made some sense to you all

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I grew up as Catholic (later converted to Protestant) but yeah.. it is against catholism to go for fortune reading/psychic reading.


Very very wrong. Don't you read the bible? (I don't mean this in a rude way or anything but there are stories that are teach against it). It wasn't even allowed in the old testament. Remember the story of Solomon? It's in the old testament. Obviously, his story ISN'T about psychic reading, but at the begiging (when Solomon was devoted to God and listen to his commands), God commanded him to get rid of all the "bad" people in the kingdom, one of which was a psychic who he later visited who told him David would overthrow him.


Some christians (people who study the bible/devoted christians) I talk to, actually refer to it as being the devil's work, sometimes.


It's fine to be curious though. I went once and it has been plagging me since. I wouldn't recomend it AT ALL.

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