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Was this rape or not (about my friend)

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I don't really know whether to considered this rape or not. My best friend from the time we were kids confess that she was violated once by a stranger when she was 11 years old. Just like me, she also doesn't know if it was rape because only there was no penetration, instead she was forced to perform and receive oral sex. When it was done, the stranger told her that if a word come out of her, then it would be worst.


I read somewhere that rape is when either oral, anal, or vaginal sex is done against the victim's will but to most people, penetration would have to occur.

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depending on your jurisdiction, the terminology for it may vary, but this is very obviously sexual abuse of a minor, very illegal and awful no matter how you look at it.


is your friend continuing to have problems/emotions about this? i would suggest having her contact a crisis line or local woman's center to get info and support for dealing with the aftereffects of this.

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Many jurisdictions in the US have dropped the term "rape" altogether and simply call it sexual assault.


The whole idea that it was forced against her will makes it an assault. Her age only amplifies the crime.


Your friend should consider getting some counseling for this. What she went through was very traumatic.

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