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A new beginning that never happened....


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Working as a male in the nursing field, you tend to work with a mostly female population. I currently work at an assisted living facility, which is mostly female.


I know i've complained on my last few posts, and up until last tuesday, everything was the same. On tuesday's shift, a co-worker and I were having a discussion on how I would probably never meet anyone. I went off on my usual rant about how it would never happen. And she made the comment that she was also looking for someone, whether that was a hint or not, I dont know.


Anyway this co-worker i'm discussing is new, she was just hired a week ago. We have worked together the last few days, and she seems to be interested in me. She is very friendly, smiley, and always seems to be interested in conversing with me. Anyway on tuesday night we were working, and we were watching tv. A movie trailer came up during commercial and we began discussing movies and how we like to see movies, cause seeing movies is my thing. Anyway I finally had the guts to ask her if she wanted to see that movie on friday. And not only did she say yes without a pause, she offered up her #. She also reminded me at the end of our shift as we were leaving to call her on friday.


Ok so she obviously seemed interested in hanging out with me. Anyway, got some extra sleep on friday, got all ready to go, and called her up, and.........

NOTHING. No answer, just voicemail. She did tell me to leave her a message, so I did so.


Long and short of it, nothing happened. No return call, no nothing, I even called her later that night, straight to voicemail.

Ok so maybe something happened, like an emergency. But if I see her at work the next time i'm there and she has nothing to say i'm gonna be pissed.

I dont appreciate being jerked around. I'll let you know what happens peeps....




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I would suggest against dating your co-worker.


That may explain her hesistancy despite having some interest in you.


If you start something up and it fizzles, it's going to create tension at create.


Let alone most hospitals and nursing facilities are against co-workers dating for that very reason.


You may want to check your workplace rules first to avoid getting into any disciplinary action from work.


I know the temptation is great since you spend time together in the workplace but it's best to separate work from pleasure.


Hugs, Rose

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I honestly wouldn't think it very appealing to go on a date with a guy that rants to me he's never gonna meet anyone. And if I were interested in him and he said that, I'd be thinking: "well, who am I then???" And maybe afterwards think about the whole interaction and change my mind.... She definitely changed her mind, that's what happened. No emergency. She didn't want to go out with you. Next time, try not to look desperate.

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well, at a minimum, she is totally rude, unless she has a REALLY good explanation and apologizes...


since you work together, and it is not worth risking your job over, i'd see what she says/does, but basically avoid her and don't engage or vent anger etc. at work, it is not worth losing your job over...


since you don't know her that well, she may have some personality problems, and better to keep your distance from her and raise it back to the professional level immediately.

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Even though you might be upset, getting pissed is the wrong reaction. Think about what's gonna happen then, strained relationship at work which is never a good thing. It could end up costing you your job. Also it'll creep her out so any chance of this still developing would be extinguished.


Flaking is not as big of a deal as you think. I know it seems that way to you because every guy who has limited interactions with chicks is overly sensitive to their actions. But if you still want her, you might be able to get her. Best way to react would be to be cool about it, but then tease her about it. Like she has to know that you did notice that she flaked on you, but also that you weren't affected by it on an emotional level.

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