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I need some advice - now please!

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I met this guy on new year's eve. He's a friend of my good friend who threw the party that night. This guy is really good friends with my friend's boyfriend as well. We chatted that night and got along so I gave him my number and he's emailed a lot and called a couple of times.


Here's the problem: I am NOT INTERESTED anymore! I haven't taken his calls and in my last email to him I told him I am not interested in dating at this time in my life. I broked up with someone recently (which is true and I'm still not over it)

but either way, I'm just not attracted to this guy.


He replied that he understands and he's not looking for that either but he would like to get to know me and be friends etc. And he asked if he can call and when would be a good time to call!


I don't want this guy calling me! And to make it worse, my friend is really keen on getting us together! I told her Im not interested thought right now.


I want to send this an email telling him I'm not interested, AGAIN. What do I say? How do I tell him politely that I don't want him calling me ?


Its awkward too cause I don't want to diss a good friend of my friends.


I need some advice here, how do I say this to him politely in an email ?


Any advice would be appreciated !

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Yeah, pressure from friends and/or family can certainly weigh you down and make situations like this more difficult.


If you're set on this course of action, I would send an email in this situation, a pseudo-distant form of communication, and keep it short, to the point, and firm, while at the same time giving some explanation and expressing some emotion. Maybe something like:


"Hi -


I got your messages and wanted to say somethings to you about our situation. I think you're a good guy but I just don't see anything happening between us and I really feel I need to be alone right now to sort through some other emotional things I have going on in my life. I'm very sorry for doing this and I hope you understand and don't take it personally that we go our separate ways here.


All the best,


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That's perfect...thanx!


To be honest that night I was just being a flirt but then after he started showing a little much interest: too many emails, asking for specific times when he can call etc. and he left a mess where he sounded like he was annoyed that I wasn't answering!


I got totally turned off by all of that. He seems clingy when we havent even gone on one date!

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