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A bit of help too...?


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I'm wondering if I could get some pointers on my profile? I gather that women generally find it easier to get smiles, emails, etc when dating online, but I do not seem to be getting much interest. I think the photo I have is pretty good (it got rated 8 on rate-my-face or whatever its called).

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I'd email you in a heartbeat.


RPG's? Dragons? Tries new things? Artistic? Damn, that's some good stuff.


Perhaps in the area you live there just aren't very many people with similar interests. I live in a smallish town that is largely conservative and very christian (like, we-must-now-convert-you-and-your-dog, christian), so I know I'd be screwed if I tried to find someone.


Do you have other fields that you have to mark? Like I know yahoo profiles has fields to mark for smoking habits, drinking habits, relationship status, etc.

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I live near a big city (for Canada anyways), so the dating pool isn't hugely small. I do tick the thingies if offered on date sites - I don't smoke, I drink only a bit (socially if that's the option), relationship status is divorced, no children, ambivalent about children (maybe/i don't know/undecided), I work and earn enough for a decent living, etc... I don't have any big red flags! Only sticking point perhaps is my height; I'm 5'10"/178cm


I've given up on link removed because I got zip smiles, emails or responses to my own smiles.


Lavalife isn't very busy either, and the few emails I got were... shall we say less than delightful?


Just signed up for link removed to see if a free site is more popular in this area, but thought I should check my profile just in case.

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I think your profile sounds great... my only advice is that you start off with a negative... "im not "really" that scary" ... i would change that first line to something more positive or just start it with " i love dragons" ..(seems to be a big hit here for the guys on ENA...LOL)



you could also try link removed.... the best thing about it is that its free for the ladies =)


i haven't met anyone from singlesnet but you do get a lot of hits.

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Thanks everyone! If I don't have much luck with my current sites I'll give the other ones a shot. Maybe its just a matter of finding one that is popular amongst the kind of men I am looking for (and hopefully would be interested in giving me a smile or email). I was worried that my profile was a bit off, but I feel a bit better now.


PS Dako - I don't smoke cigars, but you can smoke em outside

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Just an update - I still don't have "zillions" of smiles and emails, but its busier now! I'm starting to have trouble keeping the emails straight! I may not have a lot of "spam", but I seem to be getting quality instead of quantity, which makes things a bit more difficult but fun


Heck, maybe the good guys were off shovelling the freak snow or something...

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