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So this is what happened

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Hello to all you people that care to read this. I had this dream the other night. A dream that had me thinking for along time before I told anyone. You see I changed alot sense the death of... her and I have been trying my best to hide form my true emotions. This is the Dream though so tell me what you think.



I was running with a group of soilders through this forest. I was running scared for this creature was following me and my men. My men were being picked off one by one till it was only me and i was alone. I run feeling the true adrenilin running through my body here in the real world. I heard the sound of trees braking and the creature drowing near. I tripped several times dropping my weapons, and my helmet. Then i was captured by this creature and lifted into the sky. I was hanging from a huge birds claw that felt cold against my skin like it was made of metal.


So this robot bird took me to this city that was burning and in ruin. I flue over the city and saw dead bodies and blood that filled the streets. The bird the dived towards the ground and get go of me. I was now in a fog that started to fade to the side, like a curtin being pulled away. Then I saw a man standing there with two swords on the ground at his feet drowning in blood. I saw the man clear as I see anyone who is walking down the steet. He was crying but not sobbing. His hands were covered in blood. He turned and then i saw who he was. That man was me.



I think that this may mean something. I might already know what it is but I want to see what you guys think about this. Till the Have Fun.

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We all deal with loss in different ways i guess. I havent dealt with my losses, and its comin back to haunt me soon. But i guess that these dreams are a way of dealing with it. I know my dreams are like that too. I mean we can deeply analyse each part of the dream, but its main focus is on the loss bro.

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I think....that the stress of your life makes you feel like you're in a war. That you feel that you are not going to be able to effectively face or deal with it. That everything is in ruins now. That you have some responsibility or a sense of guilt for her death.

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Just the phases you're going through, I guess. I always have war dreams when I'm going through stress. Really vivid ones.


Maybe you should do something to change your life in a positive, rebuilding direction. I think though that alot of this is just the unavoidable sequel of a death.

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I know you said the bird was carrying you but, I think the bird represents death taking "her" to the "flight over the city" which displayed the emotions of the people close to her who are hurting due to her loss. Finally after that, she meets one last person. You. The loss of someone close is never easy. I think you need to let yourself mourn. That will help you to get through.

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