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I have a general question that I could never understand for the 3 years I was with my boyfriend. He had many issues, and I had mine, but I was loyal to him, never cheated, and I tried to make him feel special in every way. He'd lose it so easily, then hold a grudge for days because of something I said or did he didn't like. Still, I stayed with him.


My question is, even after being with him 3 years, after being loyal and loving more than I ever have with anyone else, he cringed at the thought of marriage and kids. He would always yell at me when i brought up ANYTHING having to do with marriage. It wasn't like I was pressuring him at all, sometimes I would just mention that one of my friends got married. He'd assume I was inferring something, and started to yell. I also wanted to know if we had SOME kind of future, thats all i asked, never to get married. He's 35, and has a horrible relationship with his mother, and he even told me one day that I'm mean and selfish like all other women. Does he just have a bad view on all woman in general, or is it me he just didn't want to be with.


We were together for 3 years, he's 35, and marriage and kids made him cringe.

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I wish all girls were like you, so guys like me had a chance. You're the best type of person, you're loyal, sweet, loving, caring, I can't begin to explain how lucky he is to have you right now. You can do SO much better then this guy. I don't want to imply that there is NO future with him, i'm just saying if it's making you unhappy PLEASE reconsider your relationship with him. Take care.

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Thanks Ericson. I have my issues, but I would do anything for him in a heartbeat. He just broke up with me because I said something he didn't like, and he called me selfish for not being there for him. He's been depressed and going through a lot of stress lately, and I said one thing he didn't like and now he's telling me off, ignoring me, and saying its over. maybe he'll realize when I'm not around anymore that what he broke up with me for was so stupid, and there are bigger issues I could have than a simple misused sentence he broke up with me for.

You are very kind, and I hope we both find the one we're meant to be with.

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3 years is a long time if u can't even talk about having a future with this guy. that's really sad. he doesn't sound like he likes women at all and he seems to have alot of other issues he is dealing with as well.. like his mother for one.


u should just let him go and find yourself someone who will appreciate u and not yell at you anytime u say something he doesn't like. u say he is 35 but he seems very IMMATURE.


u don't want to be with someone who'll make u feel like ur walking on egg shells. if u have to tip toe around him when it comes to communication and voicing what u want, all is lost. communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship and it doesn't sound like it's two sided when it comes to you and your guy.


my x boyfriend, i was together for 3 years as well and he had A TON OF ISSUES. it didn't matter how loyal, how faithful or how much i made him feel special, like you, i couldn't talk about the future. some things that i bring up he would get really upset over. i can honestly tell u i am SO MUCH HAPPIER now that i am not with him!!

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