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My bf and I have just moved on to doing... other things, if you know what I mean. Anyway, when we used to just make out, I'd get so so wet down there. When we moved on to other things (no touching the genitals yet), I was still getting really wet, but as soon as he first touched me down there, I started to get dry. As soon as we tried having sex, I'd dry up so bad, it's like I wasn't turned on at all (but it felt like I was). Because of this we can't have sex. I know we can try lubricants, but I really want it all to be natural. Is it normal to just get dry there right before intercourse? It's weird, I'm so scared that it will always be this way...

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Your body has its thing that it does, and it's gonna do it. Maybe you only create so much lubrication, and it's gone by the time you're going to have sex. Your body might also change as you start to get used to sex. I think everything is normal to some degree with these things; our bodies have their ways of responding and that's it.


As you start to relax into sex with him (over time, I mean, months not minutes) you might even find that you create even less, because the excitement factor changes. It can happen, but if you have some lube it's just not a big deal.


Saliva is all good when you have no other choice, but it can get uncomfortable pretty quickly.


Try and get past the stigma of lubricants, there are some great ones out there, and they will take you past this entire issue. It's not a failing of yours at all if you need lube. You want sex to be easy and fun don't you? There's a really good lube called pjure (I think) from Germany. It's awesome, and there's likely to be no problems with allergies or anything like that.

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