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Is it that you're trying to find out what you like sexually on your own first to try and figure out if you're a lesbian? It doesn't really work that way. Sexual desire and sexual orientation are two different things.


If you're confused about your sexual orientation there are lots on this board who you can talk to about it.


As for experimentation on your own, I'm sure it's very common for girls (as I know it is for guys) to fool around quite a bit on their own before they're with a partner. There's not much you can do that is wrong or will cause problems as long as it isn't hurting. Make sure everything is very clean though, that's quite important. Also, I wouldn't really advise starting with large objects if that's what you're going to do but that is up to you!

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i havnt done this before and want to get used to the feeling before having sex.

OK, you want to get used to the "feeling" of penetration right?


A penis is a penis and a dildo is a dildo. It will never be the same thing. IMO is like trying to get "used" to the feeling of kissing by kissing your pillow first.

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