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So to make a long story short, my EX broke up with me awhile ago. Recently she's been going through alot of things that has brought her into a deep depression. With that said, she started contacting me asking me questions about what's going on. Of course me breaking my bout of sadness with the break-up decided it was okay to begin relations with her again. After awhile of chatting - a week or so, she told me about her "BF" the one she had left me for. Of course I didn't want to hear it, but it turns out, she's not happy with her current relationship. She's been "juggling" whether or not she wants to get back with me, but I don't exactly like the idea that she left me and that she's only wanting to get back with me; i'm assuming, because it didn't work out between him and her. Now I may be being biased and not considering all the facts but, put in the same situation, what would your answer to the question of getting back together be? Thanks in advance.



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Hey Ericson -


I guess this IS a tough one. To be perfectly honest, I guess I would consider it! I hate to admit that and I can't see many would advise you to do so, (see above) but emotionally, I would want to give it a go.


I would tell myself that the REASON they didn't work out was because she couldn't stop thinking of me....



hmmmm....don't know if you should take my advice tho...

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that's pretty difficult, i'm going to have to agree with you on that...but i think that maybe you should give it a chance. if you feel a deep connection with this girl, i say go for it. be aware of it and take control of yourself in the relationship (whatever form it may take)... protect yourself and be smart but if you can't get back together with her and not feel spiteful or worried, then maybe it's not a good idea.


i say if you love her, you love her.

if you feel that deep connection with her...

it must be worth it


either way, good luck!

it will probably turn out for the best in the end anyway.

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it looks like the grass wasn't as green on the otherside afterall..


truthfully, as of right now i wouldn't really keep in much contact with her..i mean she is still with this guy correct? happy or not, she could just be telling you that she is considering wanting to get back with you, just to hear you say "yes, i will.." reassurance that you'll still be there for her for good and bad. and exactly like you said, you don't like the idea she left you, and now she wants you back cause it didn't work out..Protect yourself and feelings.. if she truly wants to get back with you her actions is going to have to really work for it..it not move on...


For me i personally wouldn't take her back knowing she left me for someone else reguardless if she was trying to find herself, or she needs to date to find out if im the one.

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I would find it difficult too and if this was my husband I would want to give another go with him because I love him so much. If you feel a deep connection with this girl then I think you should try because other wise you will forever be saying what if.

If you feel she will just hurt you again then say no.



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I would not get back together with anyone who had to 'juggle' about her decision. She would have to love me wholeheartedly and exclusively and that would be difficult for her to prove having left me for someone else.


I agree. This 'shall I?, shan't I?' thing she's going through makes assumptions that she can walk right into your life without a by or leave and that you will take her back regardless of anything she has done and the very fact that she IS going through this tells me that she isn't into you as much as you are into her. I would actually take the decision out of her hands and start dating other people.

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