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Okay when i was 12 i lost my grandfather to lung cancer. As long as i knew him he always had a cigrette in his mouth. He was a nice man and very well known, and knew everyone. In december of 2001 i had travelled 4 and half hours to go visit my grandfather in the hospital. He was getting cancer treatment and before that he almost died on the table. He had burn marks on his chest from where the paddles burnt his skin.

From December to August i watch his health go down hill from there.On August 16th 2002 he fell into a coma and he never woke up again.

In septmeber my uncles mother died from lung cancer due to smoking, in november my neighbour died from lung cancer. When i was at my neighbours funeral i seen his granddaughter she was about 10 and all i could think was, i know how she feels.

But this isnt about lung cancer or people dieing this post is about how i dont understand why people smoke. I could never smoke the pain i have been through and the pain i have seen my family go through. I dont want to put the people i love through that.

So why do people smoke. It doesn't calm you down it actually speeds up your heart.i dont understand people who still smoke. Do they understand how bad this feels? My grandfather doenst get to see me graduate next year. He doesnt get to see my have my first child or see my wedding. He didnt even see what i have be come and how far i have come.

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A lot of people smoke because it is a release mechanism. I have never smoked and never plan to. There are many other habits to get into that are cleaner, safer, and are better for your health in the long term.


Smokers often have, or quickly develop an oral fixation; the need to have something in their mouth... be it biting on their nails, eating food, anything. Anxious or stressful feelings lead them to distract themselves by being pre-occupied.


If only I lived in a world free of cigarette smoke. I hate the smell of it, and I am slightly allergic to the fumes, so I try to avoid it if I can.

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This sort of question is like the one on another thread.... why do men look at porn? Why do people smoke when they know it is going to kill them? Why do people overeat when they know the consequences? Why do people have to be hurtful and mean? I think it is people's different ways of dealing with life and some of us just don't deal with it in such a good way. No I am not a smoker but probably would be if I were much more stressed....

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