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I've been working with this girl for a while now ( she's a waitress where i work) but only in the past couple of months have started to feel attracted to her. I didn't really like her at all up until then. We have a lot of eye contact with each other usually prolonged and we smile alot at each other. She is very playful(touching punching) she usually squeezes my arm or something, she does it with quite a few ppl but the contact seems prolonged with me. I love making her smile, seeing her is the best part of my day. In the past few weeks she 's said things that are making me wonder if she likes me back. A couple of weeks ago she came and sang some song about kissing( might have been the kissing game?), neway i looked up and she looked at me and said not you obviously, but den as she walked away she said "unless you wanna go out the back" while biting her bottom lip. Not long after that she was muttering something like il f**kuif my brotha dont want to (she thinks her brotha fancies me lol) She tells me she loves me in a friendly way (and she always points that out in front of other ppl esp.) She seems to ramble sometimes and then other times not say netink. She seems to stare sometimes then otha times look straight away if i make eye contact. Am i reading it wrong cus shes said shes straight and shes had a few boyfriends. How to i tell her subtly i like her? and how do take from wher it is to another level?

Any advice appreciated XX

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