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Another important question! Anyone!!


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So, as you all know I am 14 weeks. I was at work when i started to get light brown discharge. I called my ob and he just said to get some rest. This is like the fourth time i left work becuase of my pregnancy. Would it be wrong if they were to fire me because of it. Also, is it normal to have light brown discharge? Has any one had it? I don't think it is an emergency becuase there is no pain. I don't know. Any help?

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Spotting can sometimes happen in a pregnancy. I am 26 weeks along with my 3rd baby, and I have never had spotting, but some woman get it. Your work should not be harassing you about this, it's a health issue. Take care of you and your baby, another job will come along.

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Hey Brooke!


I totally had spotting with my first baby - and right around where you are. The Dr told me the same thing - to just take it easy. Light spotting is suuuuper normal. Don't sweat it.


As for the job and getting sacked - I dunno. I have NO ideas about the laws surrounding that stuff, it's really delicate. I think if you are not performing in your job to standard, they CAN fire you, yes. I don't think they can give your pregnancy as a reason - maybe a factor - but not a REASON for terminating you.


2 months is early yet, don't start stressing the small stuff....

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Brooke, I hope this spotting thing isn't a sign that you are doing too much or are stressed. I don't know though.


If the doctor advised you to rest, I would also caution that you take the advice and focus on RESTING when not at work. Theoretically, work is 8 hours a day, right? So what are your non-work hours like, stressful?


The best way to make attendance less an issue is to get the rest your body requires when not at work. I would certainly not discount a company's ability to release you for arbitrary and unspecified reasons and legally, they don't have to give you detailed rationale, but must have documentation to provide to HR (which can be a bogus claim that your work lacked quality, ect).


The best way to prevent losing your job, is to do your best to show up and perform well when you do. But don't worry yourself because that will only contribute to stress. If your supervisor is approachable and trustworthy, you may discuss your concerns and express that you don't wish to be a burden. Such a conversation may give you insight as to the issues, if there are any.

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