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I don't know what to do, HELP!

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Hey ppl! I have a huge problem and I don't know what to do! I have a boyfriend that i have been with for almost 3 years now... the thing though is for the past year he hasn't treated me like his gf. We fight constantly and everything is always my fault.. I broke up with him about a month ago, but got back together in a week. I thought maybe things would of changed but they haven't.. Its almost like they got worse. He told me a couple nights ago he didn't want a gf and that i was nothing. The next day however he pretended like nothing happened. I'm so stressed out because i just don't have fun anymore cause we always fight about something. The thing is though that everyone see's how he treats me, including his best friend. The problem is though, however, he is so in love with me (his best friend). He does everything for me. I've known him for 3 years also and we've gotten really close. I've fallin' for him too! I can't stop thinking about him. If I have a problem he is always there for me. My boyfriend just doesn't care and won't really talk to me. Its all about him. How do i tell my boyfriend that i have fallin for his best friend, or do I even tell him? I can't see myself anymore with my boyfriend cause of everything he has put me though. I just want to be happy, but i don't know what to do! His best friend wants nothing to do with him because of the way he treats me. Please help! Sorry for babbling!

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you can do a lot better than the guy you're with. i wold just tell him that you're not happy and that you need to move on and find someone who you get along better with. then, id wait a little while (like @ least a week) and persue things further with this other guy you like ...




(having a bf is supposed to be fun/make you happy, not made you sad/stress you out!!)

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Ah this will be the first advice I have on this site


Well your story...quite interseting.


I understand that you want to be happy, you have every right in the world to be happy you know? You say you aren't happy so you need to get out. You've been going out for a while now and nothing has changed. What makes you think anything will you see?


I totally feel where you are coming from. Though you are falling for his best bud. Not so good. How would you feel if your b/f left you to be with YOUR best friend? Wouldn't make you feel to good right? No, I don't think so.


My advice to you is if you aren't happy move on. If you have tried all you could, move on. BUT I wouldn't result to his best bud, regardless of his best friend thinks. That's a low blow.


I think you and his best friend should just remain friends. That's just my OP. You do just as you want


Hope I helped. Good luck sweetie!

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let me start off by saying i think (AshleyNichole) made a very interesting point. Nice Pic, Ok i'm so Blushing



I think dating or seeing his Best friend behind his back (or) even him knowing about it, would be sort of Dirty. But than again, you said all the things he has done,/said about you have made you lean more towards his Best friend because you think he would treat you better.


Well while reading what you said, i analyzed the words "i just want to be happy" that phrase says a lot, and i think maybe it would be best if you tried to find someone else, rather than the Best Friend, If you say that because you want to hurt him or are seeking revenge for all the things he put you threw, the saying "Two wrongs don't make a Right" Rings strong in my mind. Leaving him for someone else would hurt him more than anything, to the point he would probably come crawling back on his knees, just for a 2nd chance.


taking him back is only going to make things worse the 2nd time around. find another guy, one that is going to treat you with respect, and love for who you are...you can't stay in this relationship if your not happy, (what Brian said) "pack up" move on girl you don't deserve this...

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