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Three nights ago, I was over at a friends' house while they had many different people over. There was a girl there that was upset because a girl who is current dating her ex of four years was over there as well, and she was upset because of many things involving her ex. One of my friends was already coming over to smoke so I thought I would have her come over in the hope that smoking with us and hanging out with us would cheer her up. While she was over, I spent about an hour talking to her exclusively, and basically made plans to hang out and dumpster dive. As you can tell by the title of this post, I've been thinking about this girl since that night. I don't know what I should think or do. I want to be friends and get to know her better, but I don't know if I would want to go beyound friends. I'm kind of afraid that I might have been a little obvious about the fact that I like her and that it might make being friends with her weird or that I might creep her out. Also, if she does feel the same about me, then how will I know? I thought I may have notice she might feel the same, but I'm not confident in my people reading abilities. Personally, I just wish I could switch these feelings off and just be friends with her without having to worry about it. Well, thanks in advance if anyone has any advice to share.

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